Junior Girls Chalet

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. But great news! Lots of pictures for the eyes

I had no sleep on the night before the chalet so after gym training on Tuesday, I had to take a few winks on the train ride from Dover to Pasir Ris.

Snoozing on the train
Joycelyn’s thighs are great pillows

When we got into our room, we started changing into our pyjamas for the PYJAMAS PARTY! We took crazy pictures in which I was not involved in them since I was busy playing Shrek 2 with Joycelyn on Xbox in which I had rented earlier. The others did really weird and hilarious stuff with the toilet rolls and pillows.

Lilin, Jolene, Geok Cheng and me

Geok Cheng, Jolene, Teresa
Jamie, Joan, Lilin

Just a random shot

Junior Girls
Joycelyn, Jamie, Geok Cheng
Jolene, Me, Teresa, Lilin, Joan

No. 7


Jamie needs to learn how to take self pictures properly

Pringles Ambassadors
Promoting Pringles potato chips

After taking a ton of pictures, we settled down to watch Mean Girls on Jamie’s laptop (since we needed an adapter to watch it on Xbox. Thank God for Jamie’s lappy!)

However, since I was dead tired, I fell asleep after the first 10 minutes or so! :mrgreen: I only woke up around 1.30 p.m. the next day to find that all but Teresa had gone out. I found out some of them had gone swimming. When they returned, Jamie, Joan, Joycelyn and Jolene (all the J’s, I just noticed) wanted to go cycling and since Lilin and I brough our rollerblades along, we decided to go blading as well.

After we rented the bicycles, Joycelyn suggested cyling/blading to a nearby coffeeshop to eat ba chor mee (minced meat noodles). But when we reached there, none of us felt hungry. So we ended up drinking bubble tea and sharing a bowl of ba chor mee.

Jamie and I while waiting for our bubble teas

Funny pose
“Digging” our noses

Share a strand
Lady and the Tramp Part 2: Jolene and Lilin

After our so-called tea break, we cycled/bladed back to Pasir Ris Park. All but Lilin (due to rough tracks) cycled/bladed into the maze. Thankfully, there was a jogger there to help us take a picture

Four J's and Me
We entered the maze!

The Cyclists
Four J’s on bikes

The Bladers
Lilin and I with our blades

We wanted to play at the playground and decided to head there. Oh what fun it was to swing on those swings!

Just keep swinging
Having our second childhood

After that, we decided to go swimming (again!) and Lilin could not stop doing hand stands under water! :mrgreen: I attempted to but somehow always did a somersault instead :?

After that, we rushed through our showers and changed into our #38 tops because we wanted to give a surprise birthday party for Joycelyn before she rushed off for home as she needed to work the next day.



I must say that our tops look rather spiffy

Group picture

Group picture

Group picture


We wanted to go bowling only to find out that the bowling alley had closed down six months ago! :? So we settled down at Burger King and started talking about ghost stories we have encountered or those we heard about our school.

We headed back to our room later to talk about more stuff, laugh about more stuff, and eventually, drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, we washed up, packed up, called out “Who wants to bring home this?”, ate the watermelon Jamie got for us, watched cartoons and finally headed out with our stuff, leaving the garbage and the mess behind us


  1. Wow, looks like you had hella fun. Your lucky that wherever you are that it was still hot, it’s so cold where I live which sucks. I love swings, I still swing on them too psh, who wants to grow up anyways. :]

  2. Cute pictures! I can tell you haven’t blogged for a while. It’s good to have fun with friends, then you feel good. You’re cute, by the way.

    I like your layout. Good job.

  3. It’s wild, going somewhere you used to go all the time and find out it’s closed for a while. I used to go play billiards at a place near me and they had closed the place down a year earlier. It was so weird, but we ended up finding a new place.

    And the pictures show you’re having a GREAT time with your friends. That’s always awesome!

  4. aWW, looks like you’re having a lot of fun w/ pajama party. Isn’t it great just being in your pajamas and have fun~

  5. I wish I could possibly have as much fun as you all did. The pictures were great [ ur all so pretty ] , and ur site is great..

  6. Woah, pajamas party.. in Singapore! Way way cool. I think i should have one too. And your chalet sounds so fun (mean girls is nice haha). You’re a canoeist? As in kayaking – canoe or really canoe canoe (the 1 sided paddle)? If it’s kayaking – canoe, oh man i love you! Haha, i’m a kayaker too and i love all kayakers. xD

  7. PJ parties do sound like fun, so does blading and skating. Too bad we can’t do those here. Skate parks are waay too far from here.

    Anyway, nice tan there!!

  8. I’m a Singaporean too! Lol I love the MRT when it’s kind of empty, because my friends and I can camwhore or whatever. You seem like you had a lot of fun!

    Awesome shirts you all have there.

  9. Oooh, a pyjama party! I haven’t been to one in AGES! Just watching those cute pictures makes me want to go to one

  10. Whoa, that pyjamas party looked extremely enjoyable. And I am sure it was great having all your good friends together in one place.

  11. It all looks like you had a lot of fun!!
    I haven’t seen mean girls!! I really want to see it..

    It’s been a long time since i have been on a slumber party =(

  12. I WANT A PYJAMAS PARTY TOO. It sounds like soo much fun!

    Been a long time since I got to scream and shout like a little girl with my best girl friends at home. xD

  13. Ohh the pictures are just great. It looks like you have some awesome friends there. The 38 tops are amazing!

  14. Haha I just posted about Mean Girls on GhostMB.
    Haha nice pictures! looks like you had fuun.
    i miss rollerblading.

  15. Damn I miss pajama parties…=.( I miss my friends!!! I miss them like crrrazy. =.( oh and my sister is also there in singapore…now I miss her too =.( i want to go there in singapore…i miss the busy life of busy cities =.(

  16. You haven’t updated since I last commented but I’ll comment again anyway:


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