3rd Week at School

It has been three weeks since school started and I am already lagging behind in schoolwork.

Just. Great.

School can be summarised in one word: bo-ring.

The only thing that makes me attempt to wake up and drag my tired body to school is the fact that trainings are fun thanks to the junior girls.


  1. Whoa I’ve never been here but the layout is so pretty Like whoa SERIOUSLY.
    School isn’t boring for me, well not at the moment.
    Hopefully something interesting will come up to lighten up school for ya!

  2. I concur, school is boring. I’m surprised I haven’t keeled over from boredom yet, I guess you haven’t yet either. I wonder how much more time we have?

  3. I know what you mean about the sites thing. Anyways school is always boring, to me anyways. Hope you get through it okay though.

  4. ya! this sem is really BORING. zzz. i dragged myself to sch becuz of e ATTENDANCE. =P

  5. It’s too easy to fall behind, no matter where you’re at school or what you’re studying. Even the most enjoyable classes can get absolutely annoying.
    Hope you can catch up soon!

  6. haha yeah i agree with that totally. school is boooorringg. I know how you feel about the workload and lagging behind too hah.

  7. Aw your layout is so cute. I know how you feel about falling behind on school work.. just don’t be like me, I’m like.. WAY worse in all of that. I got depressed and too tired to go, so I missed a lot and now I’m in a continuation school! So I hope that doesn’t happen to you.

  8. When is school ever fun?? Only when you see your friends for 4 minute or during lunch time. EEK! I always fall behind too. My brain works in slow motion lol

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