Soffie’s 21st

It was Soffie sis’ surprise celebration on Thursday.

We had dinner at this really fancy place called Giraffe. Surprisingly, I could not find a single main course on the menu that made me interested. Somehow, if I liked something, there is always some other weird combination to not make me what that item after all :neutral:

I was pretty tempted to get the lasagne but it had beef (Soffie got it and let me have some. A definite to kill for!) so I settled for some Japanese-Korean glass noodles with mushrooms. The serving was not large but I could barely finish up the last few forkfuls because the meal made me feel rather full with the amount of oil and gravy. (Which makes me wonder why Perrine did not feel the same way since we had the same thing.)

I feel really silly for letting slip about saving my stomach for the cake. It was meant to be a surprise! Arg!

But the cake was really lovely. Home-baked chocolate banana cake. Kudos to Amanda’s godmother!

Elisia did her usual here’s-what-I-got-for-you-in-one-of-my-overseas-trip thingy and gave us Milky Way bars, Ice Cream Skittles (Limited Edition), cherry-flavoured Hershey’s kisses and Starbursts (my favourites!)

Felt rather detached somehow but I guess everyone had their fun

PK, CJ, Me, Soffie, Perr, Elisia, Jo


And, yeah, everyone commented on how black I’m becoming. Hell, I’m even darker than Soffie right now!

First day of e-Learning week and I spent the day sleeping at home. Cough syrup is a great replacement for sleeping pills. e-Learning sucks, by the way. I would rather go school than have another 101 assignments dumped at me. Rawr.


  1. That sounded like a great birthday. And don’t you just hate it when you’re excited about going to a restaurant, but then you either can’t be excited about the menu, or you’re not completely satisfied with what you ordered? Sigh.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. If I were doraemon, I would have bought back more stuff for you guys. Actually I didn’t know what to get for you guys so I thought candy and foodstuffs would be better. Can eat and enjoy.

  3. Oooh. Surprise celebrations! Sounds like fun Eugh. Oil and gravy. Sounds gross…no offense, of course.

    …BANANA CAKE!! I love banana cake. You lucky butt!

    Well, I’m glad to hear that you had at least SOME fun, right? It’s ok to feel a little detached sometimes, it all happens to us.

    I’ve never heard of an e-Learning course haha.

  4. I probably would have said something too. I usually do when Luis (my hubby) and I go to the Cheesecake Factory in the St. Louis Galleria. Their Lady Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake is something you could probably die and go to heaven….literally… in one bite too. lol

  5. aww I know how you feel I don’t really like going to places cause I feel like they won’t have what I like and if they do it might not be cooked like I would want it you know. I’m kinda picky when it comes to eating.

  6. I love the colors in your layout and those pics are really cute. I’venever heard of chocolate banana cake before but it sounds really good lol. Seems like you all had alot of fun!

  7. Yummm.. Chocolate banana cake sounds youu yummy! =D Was it good?? I guess yes, lol. And oh wow Ice cream skittles. I should really try that, lol. sounds interesting. Thankies I’m not the only one who is a tanned asian, lol. but heyy! We stand out in pictures, don’t we??

  8. Oh well, she would have found out about the cake anyway right? xD Sounds like it was fun. Cough med acts like sleeping pills?
    Now that I never knew. xD

  9. thats some awesome stuff. you guys look like you had fun! now im hungry. lol. chocolate banana cake? thats two of my fave things in one. awesome stuff. i know what it feels like to get tanned or darker. i used to be white, not that i like being white, but singapore sun made me a nice bronze. i love it!! ha ha.

  10. Don’t you hate going out to eat and there is nothing appealing on the menu? That’s why I want to open a restaurant that has a little of everything on the menu.

  11. Wow, I usually don’t know what to eat at a restaurant. Sounds like you had a great time! Haha, my friend is more tanned than you lor.

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