No Stingray Tonight

Firstly, I’m so glad that I managed to get back! I forgot that it’ll expire earlier this month and forgot to renew it. That’s why some who tried to come to my site had some weird page instead :neutral: Thank goodness I worked more hours last month. At least I have enough to cover my other two domains when it expires around this time, too

Anyway, I was supposed to have a stingray dinner with Kang Jun gege (aka kkgg) at the famous Block 85 market last night but, guess what? Yes, it had to close down for washing

Bedok Central is a horribly boring place with nowhere to eat besides hawker and coffee shop food. The only fast food places are McDonald’s, Burger King and Long John Silver. The only restaurant over there is Pizza Hut. So after meeting him at Bedok Interchange, we decided to head over to Pizza Hut.

But, well, guess what? Yes. It closed down :mrgreen: Yes, just our luck. Gah!

We settled for zhucao (if I am not wrong, the direct translation is “cook fried”) at S21 coffee shop (if I remembered correctly). I trusted Kang Jun to order the food. When it came, it really look good

Chilli kang kong, claypot tofu, sweet and sour pork ribs and the very tasty mai pian xia. I thought mai pian xia meant “sell fake prawns” and when I told Kang Jun that, he gave me this look: :mrgreen:

Mai pian xia is actually slightly similar to tempura but it’s fried with cereal as well (that’s what mai pian meant). So, imho, it’s really much tastier than tempuras!

Over dinner, we talked about our childhood cartoons and toys, the movies screening recently and, of course, canoe polo.

Yep, I had fun. He had fun. Dinner was enjoyable. Even without stingray


  1. Woman, your Paramore cd is still with me.

    Aiyoh. You actually took each word apart to translate. I think you can be good friends with my sis.

    Haha. Woman, yeah I remember. Just waiting for November’s paycheck in December so I can give you the ka-ching!

  2. Wow sounds like you have a great meal.I feel hungry just reading what you and your friend eat haha…Luckily you had renew your domain just in time..if not the whole thing will just dissapear~Mine will expire in 2 months plus..Gonna change host soon ehehe..Anyway have anice weekend~

  3. Glad to see your site is back. Sounds like you 2 had a good time after all. It’s a shame that the original restaurant you were going to go to was closed, however you still had a good time and that’s what counts! All that food sounds really tasty. I heaven’t really heard of any of it but I love oriental food. Infact, I like just about any foods! Haha! Well the site looks great! Keep up the good work!

  4. Glad that you were able to get this domain back. Love the layout! And reading about your dinner is making me hungry. The food sounds delicious! =9

  5. Yikes! I’ve been soo busy that I didn’t even noticed that your domain was down! But I’m glad it’s back up now!!

  6. Mmm. I love those food. Horrible luck on it closed down. Ah changes happen as time passes. “Chilli kang kong, claypot tofu, sweet and sour pork ribs and the very tasty mai pian xia” wah sounds so yummy. xD

  7. Hey thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it!

    Also i just read this post and its making me hungry… *Off to go eat*

  8. You haven’t been on Classik hun *pokes*
    But damn you’ve made me hungry now! XD I’m heading out tonight to eat, so I’m not supposed to eat for *counts* another hour and a half! XD

  9. I miss the pizza hut at Bedok Interchange already. It was the nearest pizza hut to my place, and I used to patronize there quite frequently.

    Ah well. I seldom eat at Bedok Central anyway. Perhaps after living there for so long, I’ll somehow get sick of the food.

    There’s a hawker centre at Bedok North that sells pretty good stuff, though.

  10. Oh man, you guys have Long John Silver’s!!! They’re no where by my state. =( I hate it when your domain’s about to expire and the registrar doesn’t even let you know. At least you got your site back! Bots sometimes grab the, the minute they expire. Pizza Hut… I can go for some pizza hut.

  11. Ugh Stingray…never had it but doesn’t sound too good lol. Sounds like fun. Now I’m hungry and there’s nothing to eat lol.

  12. glad to see you got your site back it would have sucked if you lost it. ive got to renew this site but i dont know if i will. anyways take careeeeeeeeeee lol

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