3rd Birthday

It is quite a standard.

Every year since three years ago, at this certain date, I’ll usually make a post around this time to say two things:

Happy Birthday Daddy!

and that sweet-child.net turns 3. I’m still pretty amazed that I’ve managed to keep holding on to this domain for three years.

As a present to myself, I shall give a pat on my back.


  1. Wow, happy birthday to your dad and your domain! Hehe, for 3 years?! Hmm, mine’s 2 years already… Hehe.

  2. I wish I could keep a domain for that long. Unfortunately, I slack off. So…CLAPS for you as well!

  3. Hey! Happy birthday to your dad! Congrats on 3-years anniversary! That’s really cool! I really like the layout btw! The colors are charming! hehe Take care!

  4. Wow, that’s really awesome! Happy 3 years to seet-child.net! I envy how you managed to keep it that long. impressive. and a belated happy birthday to your dad! wish u many years to go.

  5. wow, 3 years! I don’t think I could ever hold a domain that long. congrats. and tell your dad happy belated birthday =D

  6. Aww, happy belated birthday to both your father and the domain!! :] Congrats on keeping the domain for so long!! Not too many people can do that. yey.

  7. Happy birthday to your dad, firstly. Secondly, happy birthday to your domain. I’m always in awe of people who manage to keep their personal domain names for over a year (I have yet to do that.).

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