Mother Dearest

I thought I could make this post a rather long one since I’ve had two gatherings with two different groups of secondary school friends but, as usual, I am waiting for the photographs which takes forever to get to me!

So I guess I’ll just have to say (for now):

Happy Birthday Mommy!

It’s kind of fun having both parents’ birthdays in December because that means we (the kids, that is) can combine our resources to celebrate for both of them


  1. That’s so cute — Happy Birthday to your Mama!

    My sisters and I have December birthdays too! Along with my boyfriend and his family. It’s fun celebrating everyone’s birthdays during the holidays.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom! Both my mom and I have birthdays in December, along with my hubby. It’s a busy month for us, that’s for sure!

  3. Hehe, my mom’s birthday’s in December, my dad’s in January, and mine’s and my sister’s are in February. Haha.

    Happy belated birthday to your mom!

  4. No birthdays in the family are close, but I share my birthday with about 5 friends, and it’s really near to loads of my other friends… haha – massive parties

    Happy birthday to your Mother & Father – I’ll check back for the pictures too. I like seeing event photos

    ♥ x

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mom (and belated/happy birthday to your dad?)! I wish my parents’ birthdays were in the same month. I hate it when Photographs take forever to come out and get to the photographer. That just sucks. That’s why I spent all of my birthday money on a digi-cam, haha.

  6. My mum had her birthday yesterday, and it’s great I could semi-combine Christmas with her bday present. Happy belated to your mother!

  7. Hey Nadine! Thanks for the birthday wish! Happy Birthday to both your parents too! BTW, I’ve moved sites. Just letting you know. I don’t like having too many birthdays in a month, it gets me broke really quickly. LOL.

  8. Nadine love, I demand you come back to us at Classik, and get back to blogging. We miss you *tears*
    And a happy belated birthday to your mum! My dad’s birthday is the beginning of December, which is a pain, as you have to come up with two lots of gifts to buy him… the same with my cousin and nanna, who have theirs just after Christmas XD

  9. I imagine that would be pretty good. The idea of romantic dinners filled my mind. Anyway, happy belated birthday to your mom, I hope she enjoyed herself!

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