Christmas This Year

Some traditions just have to go on.

Stuck in another ball
Purple balls at Marina Square this year.

Stuck in a bunch of them
We just love getting stuck in Christmas balls

Christmas Eve, my family went to the (rather) new Velocity at Novena Square to have our dinner at Pepper Lunch. It was my third time there but the first time I tried something other than the Beef Pepper Rice. I had the Hamburger and Chicken Combo. Pretty tasty

Nic and Ju
Nicole and Judaxil sharing a Double Chicken Steak.

Anders with his Cut Steak and Hamburger Combo.

My mom with her Salmon Pepper Rice.

My dad with his Steak.

As everyone was busy cooking their food when my hot plate arrived, no one had hands to help me take a picture with my Hamburger and Chicken

So here’s my empty plate.

Family Portrait
On the train back home.

Christmas was unplanned. Well, I mean, I did have plans but they were not carried out.

Smiling Sparklers
Sparklers are smokin’ fun

Christmas Dinner
My Christmas Dinner

Hope everyone had a great Christmas Happy holidays!


  1. awesome stuff. i miss singapore. lol. glad you had fun. i want to eat some of that stuff as well. send some over!!

  2. looks like you had a pretty eventuful crhistmas the food looks fact it made me a little hungry.
    Hope you have a happy new year!

  3. Looks like you had an awesome night! All that food looked amazing! I wish I could have some of it, lol. Looks like you had an awesome night with sparklers and balloons! All I had was a tree!

    I’m happy you had a nice night!

  4. i want to learn how to use chopsticks damnit! prolly because i’ve been reading a few asian books, i really love the way some authors explain things, all of the food looks interesting, i hope you have a happy new year, be good! ♥

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