It Won’t Be A Good Year

Because I got a really lousy start.

Less than 30 minutes into 2007, I lost my Motorola E398 (the 4th time I lost my main line). We (Jun Wei and I) got to Harbourfront MRT station just to find out that there are no more trains connecting to my home area.

Because of the Countdown party at VivoCity, God knows how many people were swarming the area, trying to get a cab. We had to walk a good distance away from the crowd before flagging a cab (not to mention we had to ‘snatch’ it from those who walked along) to get home.

I got home to find one of my babies very weak and barely able to stand without shaking. How my heart broke when she crawled unsteadily towards the carrot I gave her. I ended up holding her and feeding her the carrot.

I was exhausted but I did not want to sleep. I had this uncanny thought and fear that Moonlight would be gone once I wake up. It has happened to my previous hamsters before.

So I read Roswell fanfiction online to keep me up. By 7.30, I checked on Moonlight one more time before resting on the sofa near her tank.

I dozed a bit and was awakened by my sisters three hours later. The first thing they told me as I looked at them with sleepy eyes was “I think one of your hamsters is dead”.

The moment I heard that, I jumped out and looked into her tank.

She was gone. Just like that. Lying there in an odd position for a hamster beneathe the water bottle… My heart just broke.

She’s still there. I can’t bear to touch her. I can’t bear to throw her out. I just can’t bear the fact that she’s gone.

I’m sorry to all who reads a depressing entry for a new year. I can only wish everyone a half-hearted “Merry New Year”.


  1. Ah man, that does sound like your new year is off to a crappy start. I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe though you should look at it as though you’ve gotten the bad for the year out of the way. I dunno. I wish you a Happy New Year though, and hopefully the goodness of it will start picking up.

  2. D: I’m so sorry about your phone and Moonlight May it rest in peace.

    But don’t say that! I’m going to pray for all of us that the year 2007 will be a good one. Apparently, 2006 wasn’t good so I’m definitely hoping that it’ll be better this year. Like Joana said, hopefully the good luck will start pouring in soon.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you are having such a horrible year. I’m sure it will get better though. Maybe you just have to get the bad parts out of the way in the beginning so the rest of your year can be fantastic. When my hamsters/gerbils/mice died I would bury them in my backyard in a little box I made out of a christmas card.

  4. Oh dear, doesn’t sound like a good start indeed. But I hope the year gets batter for you nonetheless.

    I decided to avoid the crowds this year and so we simply had a gathering at a friend’s place – far away from the happening city.

    Meanwhile, I hope your phone will be found, somehow. Miracles do happen sometimes. -Hugs-

  5. :X Sorry to hear you lost your phone and the passing away of your hamster! I know how it feels to lose a hamster cause I had one that I loved soo much! Hamsters are so darn adorable, aren’t they?? Despite the unfavorable things that happened to you, I hope you will find a way enjoy New Years Day! *big hug*

  6. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die”- Ecc 3:1-2

    Nadine, i know how it feels. I cried badly, losing my first hammie eight years ago. Though it is hard to accept, i believe Moonlight can be still around you like a little angel. hugs.

    Lost phone. Missed train. Doesn’t mean it won’t be a good year.

    I guess i’m too optimistic but believe that everything happens for a good reason God knows.

  7. Hi! Happy New Year! I love sci-fi. But I didn’t exactly party on New Year’s Eve, just kinda sat here waiting for the fireworks to go off on tv. And blogged, of course. lol Take it easy,


  8. Don’t let a bit of bad luck ruin your thoughts about the year to come. Just be positive. Besides, if you lost your phone, perhaps you can always upgrade it and get a better one. May Moonlight Rest In Peace. But she’ll be around with a little halo.

  9. Aww!! I’m sooo sorry to hear that you lost your phone! And sorry to hear about the cab. And about the hamster!! AWW!! I am sooooo sorry to hear about the start to your new year!! *hugs* But don’t worry, your luck will probably change. I started off last year with REALLY good luck. Then the last half was really bad… So I’m sure that your luck will change! Just hang in there! *hugs*

  10. Sorry to read that you had such a bad start, but maybe it’s just not your month (or week) and it coincidentally lands in January. =T I hope that your hamster will rest in peace. Take care!

  11. Your layout is gorgeous.

    Woahhh, what a way to enter the new year. But, it’s SOOO easy to lose a phone, I’ve lost mine twice.
    But man, that sounds awful. I’m sorry that you lost your hamster. I hope you feel better about it soon. It’s hard losing pets, I know, it’s such an awful feeling. :((

  12. Aww, honey I am so sorry. That is a terrible way to start off your year and I hope things get better for you. I’m sorry about Moonlight, may she rest in peace. Take care, hon.

  13. maybe she’ll go to heaven
    hai, cellphones always get lost. oh well. gives u a chance to get new stuff for e new year!

  14. Aww.. sad to hear that you year in 2007 is not that great… sorry about your cellphone and hamster.. tsk…

    It’s really hard indeed to throw your beloved pet away..

    Btw, Nice Site!
    Take Care!

  15. I am so sorry for your hamster. I imagine you’ve had it for quite some time, and even if not it must be close to losing a child. A couple of years ago my cousin lost one of his hamsters, sadly having been abroad at the time it was even worse.

    Nevertheless, just because a year started out badly doesn’t necessarily mean it IS going to be ALL bad. Well… not if you decide on it to be bad. So do your best and things’ll definitely get better.

  16. OMG, your hamster’s really really cute. RIP, Moonlight. That’s a really sad thing that happened to you on the start of 2007. I hope you’re okay now, he’s on a happy place now. And it doesn’t mean that your 2007 is going to be bad cause Moonlight’s gone, it isn’t too late to start again. I love hamsters a lot, we used to own like 20 of them.. Hehehe

    I’ve experienced losing a phone before, unfortunantly it was stolen by my classmate back in soph year. That really sucked, but I’ve moved on and avoiding all causes of future losses. My wallet got stolen before, too. :| I hate crowded places after that incident.

    Pretty site btw! I like everything in here.

  17. Hope you find your phone.

    My uncle lost his new MP3 at christmas.

    Sorry to here about your rabbit? Well I am assuming it a rabbit since you were feeding it a carrot but it could have been alot of animals.

  18. Awww Nadine, I’m so sorry about Moonlight. Losing a pet is so hard, especially at a time like this *squishes*
    And I hope you find your phone love *moresquishes*

  19. Awwh, I’m sorry to hear about lil’ moonlight. Losing a pet is always difficult, at least you gave him/her a restful passing. Trying your best to take care of him.

    I hope your able to find your phone, or at least grab a replacement for cheep, or free even.

  20. Awww sorry to hear your year started so badly. It’s always hard to lose a pet, especially when it happens so unexpected My dog will turn 10 this year, so he’s only got a few years left. I can’t imagine how things will be when he’s gone, but at least I know he’s already a pretty old dog. It might sounds cliché, but when you think you’ve reached rock bottum, things can only go up from here – right? Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck & love for 2007! Take care~ xoxo

  21. I’m sorry to hear about your hamster, I used to have mice and when they died I buried them in my backyard, if you don’t have one you can always bury your hamster in a park or something. take care…

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