Another Year Once Again

It’s the time of the year again where I will wish two guys close to my heart a very happy birthday.

Joel, I know you hardly come here and all that but your jie wants to wish you a very happy 19th birthday! I can’t believe time has passed so fast. I just want to wish you all the best in whatever you do

It’s also dear Jun Wei’s 23rd birthday today (I’m so sorry for the mistake and I can’t believe I still think you’re 22 dangit! :roll:)

We were supposed to head to The Balcony for lunch initially but I guess we were both too tired and ended up napping at my place after church ended. Ah, well, I guess eating there will have to wait for another day :neutral:

Jun Wei and Me
The Birthday Boy and Me

For the first time in 2007, all girls from Team Artello were present at training yesterday with our #38 jersey. And, of course, being the camwhores that we are, we took team pictures!

Li Zhen, Geok Cheng, Joan, Me, Jolene, Li Lin, Teresa, Jamie and Joycelyn

Nehzil, Geokish, Joanie, Naddy, Mojojo, TLL, Resa, Jammy and Joyce

Artello and Tiff
Artello with our beloved senior, Tiffany

Clara brought her Jack Russell puppy! Smudge is too cute not to be snapped

Puppy Smudge

Something random: After washing up, Teresa commented that I’m over-accessorized. So I’m posting pictures by her definition of “over-accessorized”

On my ankles

Left wrist
On my left wrist

Right wrist
On my right wrist

Another random thing: While eating Subway cookies, I noticed that the chocolate chip stain on the paper bag was a smiley! Now how cool is that?

Chocolate Smiley
Chocolate Smiley

Yesterday was also Shok Li’s 21st birthday party. I met up with Patuma and Gek Ling to pop by at her place since we could only linger for an hour :?

Happy Birthday Shok Li!
Jasline, Shok Li, Geok Ling, Me and Patuma


  1. Nice pictures!

    Hehe, and happy birthday to Joel and Jun Wei!

    Aww! Cute puppy!

    Hehe, seeing that Subway wrapper makes me crave Subway now… LOL.

  2. Oh babe u didnt take the end of sem mlp test too? How will he be grading you? Or will there be any grade for the module at all!

  3. happy birthday to your friends! You both look so cute in the picture! Times does go so fast doesn’t it? great site you have here btw x

    much love x kate x

  4. That is such a cute puppy. It looks like you had a blast. And no yur not over-accesorized,… you just wear more then I do.

  5. Over accesorize? I think it looks fun!! I love the bracelets!

    That is an adorable puppy! Those are great pictures!

  6. I loved all of the photos! I really like reading blogs full of photos. It’s neat to see into a person’s life, rather than just reading about it.

  7. wow you’ve really grown all proper & pretty

    its been awhile since i visit your blog!

    haha its ok if u cant recall who i am


  8. I really like your sandals. And you guys are still looking as adorable as ever, I see. lol

  9. Happy birthday to your two friends. I hope you will get out to dinner on that place eventually.

    Great pictures as usual

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