Artello and the Commercialised Day

This may be is a long post. You’ve been warned.

???? So, anyway, I went to watch ???? (Happy Birthday) with Jun Wei last Thursday. Sigh. Sad movie. It caught my attention because, well, I’ll admit I noticed ??? (Louis Khoo) in the movie. After reading the synopsis and watching the trailer and the music video, I knew I had to watch it with him The song’s sung by the lead actress in the film ??? (Rene Liu).

Monday was Artello’s Revelation Day cum Pre-Valentine’s Day cum Teresa’s 18th and Lizhen’s 19th birthday celebrations. (What a mouthful!) Jolene and I came up with the idea that all of us (besides Lizhen who claimed that we would puke should we see her in something feminine) should wear skirts that day

Let me tell you: The last time I actually wore a skirt was like a decade ago. So let’s just say I did not feel very comfortable.

I’ve always complained that wearing skirts totally restricts me and my movements. And since I was running late that day, I realised this annoying thing. I could not take large steps! :neutral: And when I tried to take two steps at a time, I realised the skirt prevented me so I had to jump about the escalator step by step :mrgreen:

We gave Ramen Ramen Singapore a shot this time. But imho, once to try is enough My goodness, we made such a din and even embarrassed the poor waiter! It’s a wonder we were not chased out by the management :?

We had our dinner and then exchanged gifts as we revealed ourselves to our mortals. Turns out that silly Lilin is my angel this round (I was her Santa for our Christmas game) who gave me a box of sweets and an awesome Emily Strange patch!

Sweets and Patch
Angel Lilin’s gifts for me!

When I revealed that my mortal was Joan and handed her her gift, she gave this really loud squeal, reached for her gift and grabbed it, removed the plastic bag and immediately insisted that I take a picture of her with my… scrap-card for her.

My gift to Mortal Joan!

We then presented Teresa and Lizhen their birthday presents from us!

Birthday Girls and Presents
Teresa with her knickers! Lizhen with… what’s that?

Then we had cake! Man, it’s really chocolatey, yummy, and totally sinful! I guess that’s where our trainings come in handy

Birthday Girls and Cake

Sinful cake

After we settled our bill, we ended up staying outside the restaurant cam-whoring for the next hour. One of the cheap thrills we were having was getting every single one of us to approach a stranger to help us take a group picture. It is really interesting how strangers take group pictures.

with Joan and Lilin
With my mortal and angel

Jolene, Lizhen, Geok Cheng, Lilin, Joan
Joycelyn, Me, Teresa

Kiss the Flower

Jo and I think that flowers are yummy

Thanks to Flash, we actually look normal


(Ohmygoodness. After two hours I can finally start on Valentine’s Day?! :?)

Went to Jun Wei’s house to watch DVDs. Roswell season 3! He got it! Was supposed to do a marathon and watch as many as we can but because I overslept, we only got to watch two episodes and then had Pizza Hut delivery for lunch. Then he rushed off to work while I shared his cab and walked around Orchard.

Went up to the north for a moment to pass something then made my way to work.

Work. My goodness. I thought it would be pretty easy on me but I guess every couple has the intention of coming and leaving at (more or less) the same time. So let’s just say work was okay.

I met Page after work. It was a rather last minute thing and, apparently, a rather rushed thing since I ended my shift at 10 p.m. and had to be home by 12 midnight. (Daym curfew.)

We went bowling! Haha. The last time I bowled was ages ago. And my bowling is rather inconsistent. We played for each other on the first game.


And we played for ourselves on the second game. Guess my bowling isn’t too retarded. But quite a waste I could not get at least 100 points since I spared the first two


And I will never understand guys who have this facination over the punching machine at the acade. Page’s first two attempts were normal. But this is what he did for his final smack:


I looked through my gifts. Check them out!

From Jun Wei

He made this! Um, the scroll of paper and the shell are supposed to be inside but I realised that in order to get them out of the bottle, I had to pull out all the flowers and dip half the contents of the bottle out. So they shall remain outside the bottle

Music Box and Chocolates
From Page

HE NEARLY GOT ME FLOWERS! Thank goodness he texted me before getting any because I simply dislike flowers :? He got me this cool music box and chocolates! I have yet to open the box of chocolates yet so I’ve no idea what kind they are


  1. Damn it sounds like you had fun, and have the best group of friends! *jealous* And I know what you mean about skirts, but I can handle long ones… like very long ones! And they have to be flowy otherwise I feel like my legs are tied together! XD And my god that cake looks fantastic!

  2. Hehe, I hardly wear skirts also!!

    Hehe, I’ve never went bowling… LOL.

    Ooh, nice pictures!

    Anyways, aww! Nice gifts!!

  3. you guys look like youre having so much fun i love it! that cake looks delicious and all the gifts sound cute. haha i love what you said about the skirts they certainly do restrict movemet but they are soo cute. and bowling looked great sounds like you had a wonderful night

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