It seems like NYNY is our regular slacking restaurant after trainings. We went there again yesterday after polo just to sit, talk, and basically, slack.

We totally adore the candy floss there. I had two sticks

Geok Cheng, Jolene and Me with our candy floss

Geok Cheng, Jolene, Me, Joycelyn, Teresa and ???? Joan

After that, Hafiz bro asked us if we wanted to go bowling. Initially, our plan for the day was to go bowling or play pool at Marina Square but we were all too tired and felt a tad lazy. That’s why we ended up at NYNY to begin with.

Anyway, since Hafiz was treating the games while we forked out for the shoes rental, we went to bowl with him along with some of the seniors.

It’s funny to see them bowl. Especially after the first game and they were yelling, “Desmond! Even Nadine and Teresa can win you!” that kind of things :mrgreen:

Pretty sad that Jolene injured her arm and could not bowl after four balls. Teresa and I ended up playing her share

After that, we parted with the guys and ended up slacking at Coffee Club at Raffles City. The Muddy Mud Pie was awesome as usual but I just could not stomach much food today


  1. Oooh i like your header image. Its really well done! You have great skills.

    Love your photos, looks like u had lots of fun.

    Take care.

  2. Sounds fun. Cool pictures, you all look so.. unbored. Unlike me right now.
    Poor Jolene. I hope she didn’t feel too bad about not being able to play.

    Take care!

  3. I think I saw you on the train just now. You were wearing a red tee and alighted @ Bedok. Is that you? Haha..

    My goodness. Yes! That was me! Gosh, I hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself

  4. Whoo, looks like a lot of fun! Candy floss is great until it always sticks to your fingers and gets all icky after a while…

  5. Haha.. I was right Cos you looked really familiar to me and I’m glad I recognized you. Well, you didn’t make a fool out of yourself lah. But your smile is really sweet

  6. You guys look like you’re having so much fun! And fairy floss? Yummy! You can never have too much fairy floss!

    Bowling sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve actually never been bowling before. It sure sounds like you guys had a lot of fun though!

  7. ohhh fun times! You call them candy floss…I’ve only heard it called cotton candy. Too funny. Love the pics.

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