Artello Chalet

Saturday’s polo training was fair, I guess. Practiced as a keeper for the second time in matches against the junior guys and the Year 2 seniors. I was rather pleased to be able to block Johnny and Lloyd’s shots But Jun Hong’s power shot went in despite the fact that my paddle came into contact with the ball. Dang, my poor right forearm hurts from the impact :neutral:

After that, Artello (minus Lizhen) went to Cineleisure to have lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Apparently, it’s been rated as the Chinese version of NYNY by them.

at Xin Wang HK Cafe
Geok Cheng, Joycelyn, Jolene, Me, Teresa, Lilin and Joan

Sunday’s friendly against NP was fair, too, I guess. Mainly because:

  1. I arrived late, missing the first match against Monsters Inc.
  2. making Geok Cheng keep despite having bad cramps because I was late
  3. the guys did not bring my #5 boat as the cushion for the bow was coming off, in which therefore, I had to use the red boat that I had no proper feet grips and was not able to play properly
  4. we could only play a total of two matches within that four-hour pool slot

After that, I went home to pack for the chalet with Artello.

After checking into our room, Jolene, Teresa, Joycelyn and I went to Escape Theme Park and initially, it was pretty fun and exciting as I ran along with them like kids rushing to try out the rides. But after a couple of hours, I somehow got bored of everything. But they made me stay on with them and sit two more rides on the viking ship. I agreed and it turned out to be pretty fun because we were having this screaming competition.

Jolene and Joycelyn sat at one end of the ship while Teresa and I sat on the other and whenever our side was going down, Teresa and I would scream our lungs out. The couple that sat in front of Jolene and Joycelyn decided to join them while their friends, three guys who sat in front of Teresa and I joined us. So imagine nine people screaming their lungs out while sitting on a ride in a viking ship :?

After that, we met up with Geok Cheng, Lilin, Lizhen and Joan at our chalet room and had Sakae Sushi for dinner. Service was rather bad because there was this guy who seemed new who kept messing up my order. Well, it’s not much of a wonder considering that I kept on ordering, not knowing how much I had ordered until the plates kept arriving

my food
Six plates, garlic rice and chawanmushi

Artello at Sakae Sushi
One Artello!
Geok Cheng, Joan, Lilin, Jolene, Me, Joycelyn, Teresa and Lizhen

After dinner, we went back to our room and had a team talk. At midnight, we threw Joan a surprise belated birthday

Happy Birthday Happy Apple!
We got her Sara Lee cake

Then we took some team pictures. Finally! With our vice captain Lizhen, too!

One Artello!

With our numbers

Joycelyn taught us this game that was something like snap. But she was rather sadistic, slapping our hands very hard. You should see my poor bruised hand

We played drinking games with poker cards. It’s hard to explain the funny stuffs that happened so I shall leave that for now. The next day, we had MacDonald’s for breakfast and some of us went to cycle and others went to play basketball.

Our vice captain can be really retarded. I mean, check this out:

Basketball girls
Joycelyn, Lizhen and Me

Anyway, the drinking game on the second night was just as funny as the first After checking out earlier this morning, Jolene, Lilin, Joan, Geok Cheng and I went to MacDonald’s for brunch (again). We slacked a tad before making our way home.

Chalet was fun!


  1. lol, the last picture looks really…ahem, funny xD
    How long have you been playing basketball?

    Well, around coming 10 years. Gosh, that’s long :?

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