It’s Been Tiring

Lots of things; Too little time.
This will be a first:

  • The whole of last week was working for the Fujitsu roadshow in school with Joycelyn and Lilin. Worked non-stop for almost nine hours straight. Got used to eating lunch at 1730 hours.
  • Ended up sleeping in school for three nights to save time on transportation.
  • Saturday’s polo training was fair. Had friendly matches with TP and the national team.
  • Still working a few days for the roadshow this and next week.
  • Very, very, very tired.
  • Campfire’s tomorrow. Can’t wait

23 more days…


  1. Good luck getting everything done. I know how you feel I’m felling similarly swamped myself. I like making lists though ha ha.

    YUI is awesome!

  2. lunch that late.. dinner would be dipper! kkae. lame. haha.. keep ur head up!

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