Campfire’s Dying

One last day at the Fujitsu laptop roadshow tomorrow! I can’t wait. This job seriously caused me lots of sleep deprivation. Anyway, Thursday was another day at work and before I left, I took this picture:

37 bottles hanging on the wall

There were many boxes of bottled water so we had this drinking competition. The results from about five staffs were 37 bottles

After work, I met up with Joan, Jolene and Joycelyn. We went to Chong Pang to have a light dinner/supper then headed to Sembawang Boys’ Brigade Girls’ Brigade Campsite where the SPSU camp was taking place.

The campfire was fair, I should say. The wood was (according to Jeremy papa bear) stacked rather unprofessionally and there was no special way to light this year’s campfire. Should I mention that their reserve wood were branches scouted along Sembawang Park?

Campfire's dying...

Plus, there was no disco night Apparently, the warden did not allow music to be played. So it was really odd to have the lights as well as the smoke machine (My goodness, they even brought a smoke machine?! :eek:) but without loud music.

Enjoying Shim Night
Joycelyn, Joan, Jolene and Me

I guess we are compensated for the fact that there were Hot Shims around

By around 3 in the morning, we ended up playing cards and Happy Family After a night cycle round the park and dozing off at the playground, we wandered back to the bunks to have a snooze.

20 more days…


  1. That made me laugh, to think of party lights and a smoke machine and… no music. But it sounds like you guys had a great time anyway.

  2. WOW
    haha that’s a lot of empty water bottles.
    lol that’s no fun without MUSIC! hahah you guys should’ve just sang. hahah

  3. It’s weird that they didn’t allow music, it could have been a lot of fun but seems that you had it anyway.

  4. It’s funny how your friends have a similar name. The campfire looks pretty. They’re always so fun to watch and sit next to.

  5. No music might mean no fun sometimes. But the silence might be a chance to relax while watching the fire, right?

  6. Wow I love the pictures of the bottles haha.. It looks nice. Oww what a boring campfire without music. That must have been akward. Really I mean the fire is burning and smoke machine but no music? I would fall asleep there haha..

  7. Lmao, they should have atleast ditched the smoke machine if there wasn’t any music
    I’d be so bad at water drinking competitions… I have a really weak bladder

  8. Aw, sleep deprivation isn’t a good thing. I hate not getting enough sleep, that’s why I am trying to go to bed early lately, because at least I want to be able to stay awake tomorrow and getting lots of sleep feels really good, lol. I’m glad your job is almost over!

    And wow, that’s a lot of water, but it’s good for your body, right? But they really should be careful because they can get intoxicated by an alarmingly high amount of water after they consumed them, even if it’s 5 people for 30 bottles, it can be dangerous and pretty lethal. Just so you know.

  9. Minus the few missing attractions, it seems like you enjoyed yourself around the fire. Hope you’re finally able to get some sleep now that every thing’s coming to an end.

  10. Haha, I’ve led a campfire before but it was no simple feat, as I recalled. Luckily, the campfire wood stacking was rather *ahem* professional, in my case.

  11. Sweeet drinking competition. xD Though gotta be careful of drinking too much water and getting water poisoned o_o

    That’s a pretty good picture though

  12. Glad to hear that your having fun! Shame about the warden not letting you play music – doesn’t that just spoil things? Lol. I hope you continue to have loads of fun! Much love!

  13. Every time when we who live in the civilised, developed and rich world have any eating or drinking competition or just overeat in general, I can’t help but think about all those who don’t even have enough food and clean water to drink daily… Not that we’re not allowed to have fun; it just makes me kind of sad…

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