Year 3 (Finally!)

Thought I’ll never reach this year in my life but, hey! I’m in my final year!

Not really looking forward to the re-opening of school to be honest. On Sunday, the day before school starts, SPCT had a team dinner at Marché at VivoCity.

It was a tad disappointing (food-wise, that is) because there is no more pizza and the cooked vegetables. Besides Rosti, there wasn’t any other thing that I was keen on eating. Furthermore, that place is much, much smaller than the former outlets at Heeren and Suntec City.

After most of the seniors have eaten something, they decided to go somewhere else to have their fill (since the food selections at Marché were limited and not to mention rather pricey) with most of the junior guys.

Leaving us:

Dinner at Marché
Joan, Lilin, Me, Jolene and Joycelyn


Dinner at Marché
Mervin, Yong Ming, Qi Zhi, Fahmi, Andrew, Jun Hui with Gary on top

Jadine & Nolene
I ♥ my twin

Yesterday was the team’s photo taking. I only managed to wrestle these three from Wenxian:



Canoe Polo senior guys

I had to put the last photo up because it was so gay!

School has been rather blah for the past two days. I just have an hour lecture on Monday, no classes (but a meeting) on Tuesday, and later on, I just have one elective lecture which will probably take less than an hour.

Also, SRRR has been pushed back by a week! More time to train!

17 more days…


  1. that last photo is hilarious! lol..especially guy on the end with the red flip flops. Pizza and veggies..yum fun times! .. I can never get my friends to go out the house , not even for food!

  2. Well, congrats for getting to year three! So you’re graduating or are you just moving up a grade? I’m a bit confused. Anyway, the last picture makes me wonder to which side those guys lean to… hehehe Kidding. Well, good luck at the SRRR!

  3. Year 3. Congrats! I love the last picture, I was laughing out loud. School sucks but eh we can’t do much about it.

  4. You guys look like you had a lot of fun :). Pizza and vegetables wouldn’t sound like my ideal meal…lol

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