Jo’s 18th & SPCT Camp

Note to readers: This is quite a long as well as image-heavy post.

Friday was dear Jolene‘s 18th birthday as well as the start of SPCT camp.

We had a lunch celebration with the team. And Jo’s classmates surprised her with a hawaiian pizza with candles

Happy Birthday Jo!

Happy Birthday Jo!
Joycelyn, Geok Cheng, Jolene and Me

I was a GL with Lex and this year, I had the largest group of 11 campers. Ichi (as in one in Japanese, and which we called ourselves) consists mostly of enthusiastic and pretty sporting freshmen which I’m glad to have. But I guess I started the camp with a lot of energy that gradually winded down by the end of the first day.

After ice breaking games, the first major activity was Amazing Race @ Orchard. We had to run around different stations located around Orchard Road and the group that gets back to school first wins.

My group’s first stop was at Lilin‘s station located around The Atrium@Orchard. This station came from the idea where we cam-whored during Artello’s pre-Valentine’s Day celebrations. What we are supposed to do is convince a stranger that Lilin describes (e.g. a man in green shirt) to take a group picture for us.



After that station, I kind of grew tired of the whole thing and gradually became part of the group, only doing my job as a GL when need be. (I know. Totally not what I’m supposed to do but I could not help it! I was just too tired.)

I guess I should be thankful that Ichi is a pretty slack group as well Sure, we’d like to win, but to us, winning isn’t everything as long as we have our fun

We were the last to reach school (12 midnight!) and then we had night water activities. After wrapping up for the day, we (Artello minus Lilin) took our showers and headed back to the studio for Jo’s surprise celebration.

Surprise Jo!
Surprise, Jo!

You guys...
She starts accusing me for tricking her

Jo + Cheesecake

Me, Geok Cheng, Joan
Lizhen, Teresa, Joycelyn, Jolene
(Lilin’s missing because she wants her beauty sleep)

stabbing the cake

Saturday, the freshmen were to try out canoe sprinting over at Kallang and we girls had our own polo training. Training was okay, I guess. I managed to keep better since I more or less knew how my own teammates shoot. Chasing-wise, not that great since I did not do gym this week.

After training, I was quite exhausted and instead of going out to Clementi to eat, I ended up sleeping in the studio for a few hours until dinner time. We had to change into our secondary school uniforms for the Uniform Party that night.

Jo helped us borrow MGS uniforms!

MGS sisters

MGS sisters
I really like this picture

MGS sisters

There was Shim Night together with the Uniform Party. I shall not embarrass those brave shims who had to strut their stuff for the whole camp. But kudos to all the shims especially Lily

Zhi Yong, Lester, Willy, Harun, Isaac, Lex, Nat, Mohs
Mick, Faith, Suzhen, Me

Jo and I found out that Lloyd was wearing a MGS uniform too!

Presenting the MGS trio:
MGS sisters

MGS sisters

MGS sisters

Geok, Joycelyn and Me

The night activities were Scavenger Bingo, Pass the Card, Night Walk and Disco Night. But I was far too tired to join in the last activity and promptly took a dry bath and went to bed

After breakfast on Sunday, the freshmen went down to the pool to try out canoe polo. We divided them into two groups to change between water polo at the medium pool and canoe polo.

The they had friendly matches between the groups. After in which, a number of the freshmen guys played against us (Artello). Joycelyn was eager to trash them and spread the word around. I thought it funny but during the match, I told the girls to play serious but less aggressive. Joycelyn had wanted to go all out to attack, giving them no chance to attack.

I think I want to kill myself after missing two open shots

Then, we had the prize presentation and finally, we broke camp. I think all of us but especially Joycelyn and Jolene were especially happy since the whole camp took a lot from them with the planning and organizing.

After washing up, we went back to the studio to slack for a while. Jo received this cow umbrella from Sue and we found it really amusing.


Artello finally decided to head to the foodcourt at Plaza Singapura for lunch. Jo and I ended up being scavengers and eating up everyone’s leftovers

Not wanting to head home just yet, Joycelyn, Geok, Jo, Joan, Teresa and I decided to go over to The Coffee Connoisseur at The Atrium@Orchard.

There, our mascot, Michael, was born. Ok, firstly, he is not even named Michael in his birth certificate but Mojojo instead. Secondly, he belongs to Jo since it was her birthday gift from Fahmi. But, whatever, we all adored him and therefore, he is Michael.


By the way, Michael is a senior (who recently just graduated) in the team. To me, Michael (the senior) will always be the one looking like a monkey with sexy girl’s legs, a fat tummy plus a megawatt smile in which our mascot Michael posseses minus the legs and the smile.

Michael (the senior) at last year’s National Champs. Does he not look like a monkey?

And, of course, how can we leave the place without a picture?

Me, Michael, Jolene, Joycelyn, Geok Cheng and Teresa

12 more days…



    btw i looked so macho in the last pic..

    Who ask you to cross your arms

  2. Lol, a really long post – looks like you really had fun
    And soo many pictures, I always want to make pictures too, but I tend to forget my digicam

  3. WOW – that certainly *was a long post. *lol* From all of the photos, it looks like you had a great time with your friends. I envy your time (and motivation) to take so many pictures.

  4. Wow you and your friend always look like you have lots of fun. I wish I had time to hang out with my friends, I miss those HS years.

  5. It seems that you and your group of friends know eachother very well! It seems you guys had a lot of fun – and the pictures are just great!

  6. Looks and sounds like you had loads of fun. I now carry my digicam everywhere, never know when what might happen.

  7. looks like you had loads of fun. I’d really like to do something like that Amazing Race game you guys did. Sounds fun.

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