One More Day

Jiayou Artello!

Remember that Nadine’s agenda for you girls:

  1. Kick Naddy’s ass and whack Naddy’s head as hard as you can when she has the sian diao face. (Stoning face counts as well.)
  2. Constant whackings on Naddy’s head will do her good. (Be careful of concussion.)
  3. Remind Naddy not to look for anyone in the viewers’ stand.
  4. Tell Naddy how much you love her.

But please beware:

  • Push Naddy into the pool and get ready for a flare up.
  • Pull her braids and she’ll throw her temper at you.
  • Say “F you lah!” in Naddy’s face (whether you mean it or not) will result in serious consequences.

Naddy loves all of you. I’m serious.


  1. Oh man, I pull on girls braids all the time when they annoy me, lmao. Not many people like it. XD

  2. You know you’re an idiot when you spell your name wrong. :| You can delete this if you fix my name above. XD

  3. teehee nad, cheer up.
    will remember what you say.
    try to rest early yar?

    conserve your energy for artello’s debut tmr ((:

    SP WOOSH!!!

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