Well, the annual Singapore River Raft Race (SRRR) Canoe Polo Competition started on Saturday. Looks like my team has a long way to go before the Pesta Sukan National Championships.



I realised I look pretty retarded. And for your info, I’m #8.

We lost both matches. Well, got trashed in one. But it’s over now and all we need to do is to beat one team this weekend.

Sunday’s match against TP 1 caused me this injury:
Sausage Pinky

Sausage Pinky

So after a day of massaging, I went to see the physician yesterday to find that massaging it causes the finger to swell even more :?

Sausage Pinky

I just hope it can recover as soon as possible as I still have another two matches this weekend. Plus, I need to train for them this week.

On a side note, it was Joel‘s singing competition last night. Star Dust finals was held at NUS and I had Jolene to accompany me. We had decided to wear the purple contacts we had gotten together



Most of the guys were disappointments. We loved Joel’s group (What Mama Wants) who sang an a cappella medley. They pulled of Pussycat Dolls’ “Buttons” pretty well And they won first in the group category!

Jolene and I were disappointed with the results for the solo category. Joel did not win there

But at least he still won something. And we enjoyed ourselves

Joel and Me
Joel and Me
Yep. His hair is always retarded


  1. I love that your entries are always so full of pictures; the pictures make reading them so much more fun. It looks like you had a great time, despite your finger injury. Ouchie! I certainly it’s healing quickly.

  2. I hope your finger recovers soon!

    I’ve always wanted to try colored contacts but could never decide what color… plus I’d need the prescription ones which are kinda pricey… maybe someday.

  3. I hope your finger turns out all right soon.. a good thing it wasn’t on your right hand, because then you’d have troubles with writing stuff..

    Joel’s hair doesn’t look retarded.. xP kinda cute;)
    Good luck on your next game!:)

  4. Ow! I’ve had something like that before. Yes, you don’t want to massage. You want to put a cold compress on it or take a fever reducer to keep the swelling down. Good luck on your game! xD

  5. What did you actually do to get that kind of finger injury? That must have smarted!

    Good luck at your next meet.

  6. Ouch. Your finger looks really painful. I hope it gets better soon

    Goodluck beating the other team this weekend!

  7. Ouch, your finger looks bad! My brother did that with a basketball but it was only a bruise. He massaged it too and it made it worse. Then he had to keep it in ice-water to swell down. =X

    Good luck this weekend.

    Pretty pictures. I wanted to use green contacts since people always think I have blue contacts in when they’re my real eye color.

  8. girl, tmr’s the final day for us..! jiayou!!

    sub if yoir finger hurts arh…


  9. Ouch! Your little finger looked so painful… Hope it heals soon! I had the nail of my little finger semi-pulled off once; and it wasn’t until then that I realise how important that one finger is!

    Purple contacts, yay!

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