Team Dinner

On Sunday, Team Artello (minus Lizhen) had dinner at Kenny Rogers at Marina Square with Kang Jun and Janneth. It was a combined dinner for both of them since we wanted to show our appreciation for teaching and guiding us for months for the former, and a gathering before the latter goes into BMT.

Food was great! Great because they had my macaroni and cheese I remember back in the past, I refused to eat Kenny Rogers if they had no mac and cheese.

The Man paid it all :mrgreen: and refused to take any of our money. He said that all we needed to do was train hard for National Championships.

Team Artello with Akuma and Janneth

Jo and I
Jolene‘s not too happy she’s on the left

Blossom is my favourite puff girl!

Jo and I
Trying to open our eyes really wide to see the purple contacts

There was this point where Jolene and I went to 7-Eleven to grab some drinks and the cashier kept giving us this rather amused look. He kept looking back and forth between Jolene and I and I thought he wanted to check my ID or something (since I was buying this really small bottle of vodka) and probably thought we were below 18.

All of a sudden, he went, “Youngest?” and nodded at Jolene’s direction. It took me a whole second for my gears to click in my brain.

“Yeah,” I grinned at him. It’s easier to just say yes than go through the whole process of explanation

After dinner, we went to Esplanade to talk and slack around. Well, and to take pictures, too

with Lilin and Jo
Me, Lilin and Jolene

with Poi and Jo
Joycelyn, Me and Jolene

Team movie was not much of a team thing since Lilin and Lizhen were not present. But we had fun watching PotC3 with Desmond, Daren and Jun Wei.

The movie itself was interesting. I was never interested in PotC until the trailer for At World’s End came. And, no, I have still yet to watch the first two.

If you asked me, I would not mind watching it again. I especially like the marriage part. But I would love to skip the part where there are partings. And especially the extra scene at the back way after the credits.

(Seriously, waiting &$*#$& minutes for a %$#* scene?!)


  1. Glad to hear that you had an awesome dinner! Looks like you had a lot of fun! You always look like you’re always having soooo much fun! Hehe… I’m jealous!

    Hehe, that’s awesome that you liked POTC. I’m still not a fan, so I’m not going to watch it… Hehe… Hmm, the marriage part?! Hehe… No clue what you’re talking about, though. LOL.

  2. I haven’t seen PotC 3 yet. I am not much into the hype about it. I just want a movie to entertain me as long as it lasts. I guess I am becoming old. You guys looks great – those purple contacts are pretty cool!

  3. pirates was good. orlando bloom is so dreamy. *sighs* i wish there were more jack sparrow scenes though, because i am not into kiera knightly at all.

  4. man, i haven’t had kenny rogers in a looooonnngg time. it’s probably been at least 20 years….
    i was always a fan of buttercup. she was sassy!

  5. Hey! I know we haven’t talked in whoaaa… forever. X_X (P.S.: I’m still awaiting my Milo!) I was just wondering about the internal server error for the…? Oh, and to say hi, heh.

  6. Looks like you had a nice dinner

    PotC is great. You should watch the first two. I think that At worlds end was a bit confusing at some places but great still

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