Poking and Refereeing

Well, with the hackings and all, I can’t believe there goes the month of June. Lost my one and only entry in June but I guess I cannot really do anything about it

I met Joycelyn at Dover and headed to Tampines to visit a chinese medical hall to “poke needles” (acupuncture) for my still-swollen left pinky.

The train ride felt pretty short because I kept her laughing over my funny stories and she updated me on the trainings at the ever-dirty Kallang River. Seems like most of us are still not into the whole training-mode.

Anyway, thank goodness she was with me to act like a translator with the acupuncturist. I seriously felt like I was lost in translation halfway while explaining to ther about my finger. After poking three needles, I felt like an incense holder when she started burning this lump of herbs on the needle that was stuck on the joint of my finger :?

Incense Holder

After that, we slacked a tad at Starbucks while waiting for Jolene to join us. After a quick dinner at the food court, we went for our first referee practical session at TP.

I really envy TP’s swimming pools. Yes, pools. And we had only one lousy pool that we cannot even fully utilize because we have to leave a few lanes for swimmers Their pool is like, 10 lanes wide. So it felt really huge.

As I have not trained for more than six weeks, I felt like I have somewhat lost touch with canoe polo. Thus, I did not feel very confident about the practical session But after shadowing Raymond (the instructor) for two matches and observing two more, I felt more familiar with the game and the rules.

So when it was my turn to ref the match with Jolene, I felt more confident. And I made a good call for a five-second foul

Overall, I would say it was quite an eye-opener. To ref a match, that is


  1. omg…congrats…u got ur blogskin back finally…hahaha…paiseh was already asleep last night…ur pic still wit mi…send u next time k?? =)) haha…incense pot~

  2. I’d really like to try acupuncture on my neck, but the whole idea of being poked with needles freaks me out

  3. Yikes!! You got hacked?!! No wonder your other site doesn’t work correctly! =( I’m sorry to hear that!!!! =(

    Yikes, acupunture?! I hate needles… LOL…

  4. Ooh, my doctor recommended acupuncture for me, when I had a swollen hand, but I was too scared.
    Does it hurt?

    And YAY for Starbucks!!

  5. Wow, acupuncture. Iíve never tried it, but have always wanted to someday. Did it work for your finger?

  6. WOW – I’ve never been brave enough to try acupuncture. It seems as if it would be extremely painful, although I’ve been told that it isn’t.

    Yay for Starbucks! *lol*

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