Something Small

Sometimes, it is the little things that I miss.

There are times when something small happens, and a little comment that I would like to share with someone. However, that particular comment can only be appreciated by a certain heart. I mean, yeah, I could always share them with any other person. But somehow, it just simply won’t be the same, y’know?

I guess it will always be something that will be missing in this life of mine.


  1. Hey Nadine, I haven’t been here in a while. I just read your archives, and a lot has happened lately. I hope you’re well.

    miss you babe,

  2. yes i must agree with you sister!
    its always the little things that count.

    anyway, do cheer up!

  3. Yes it is true, some things are only to be told to the ears of one person in the whole world. I know what you mean, and how painful it is not to be able to tell the words then.

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