Flipped Out Egg

I felt like eating fried bread last night. Then I decided to fry eggs as well. And… well, let’s just say that I’m so not a chef. Or a cook.

I tried to flip it

Note: Check the back of the stove.


  1. Oooohh you can fry better eggs that I can!! I’m so jealous!! HAha. I can never fry eggs without scrambling them. Lol

  2. Okay, I’m guessing that the thing in the back of your stove is an omelette that you tried to.. flip? XD It looks like a dead chicken or something Well done on getting the other eggs fried!

  3. Lol, you’re a lot better than me when it comes to frying eggs. I cannot seem to master that!

    I had to take a closer look to see the mess in the back, lol!

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