National Championships

Well, two days of matches are over. So are four of our games. I guess you could say it’s good and bad.

We played with Devlin 2 on our first match on Saturday. Jolene and I were saying that if we lose this match, we might as well quit canoe polo or something since Team Devlin consists of juniors from NP.

We won 5-0 but we played quite a bad game. We made many bad passes, missed a few open shots and did not give our 100%. The next two matches of the day made us more demoralized. Our second match was an IVP match against TP and of all referees, we had a referee who did a bad ref job in one of our matches in SRRR.

We lost 1-5 and most of us were pretty down. When it was time for our last match of the day, it was pretty hard to carry on fighting since we were up against TP Munchies who is an alumni team.

We lost 0-10 and I felt rather lousy when they scored their 10th goal because it was like SRRR all over again because back then, during the final minute or so, one of them yelled to make their score a double digit. When they were still at their 9th goal, I told myself I wasn’t going to let them score another. That’s why I still managed to block two of their shots. But I guess it’s meant to be another event where history repeats itself.

Stanley was lecturing us the same way he lectured us in SRRR. And it was right after the match with the same team. But I guess we could all feel that there wasn’t any bond nor chemistry between all of us and that was what I was quite disappointed in.

So we talked things out, said how we felt about everything and encouraged each other to give our best for Sunday.

Sunday’s match against NUS was a should-draw-but-try-to-win match since they are a team that has more experience than us. But by the 6th minute into the first half when we managed to score a goal, it became a should-win match instead. But I guess it wasn’t really meant to be when I let their goal in I need to bring home Daren’s paddle and practice at home or something.

Anyway, as Stanley said, a goal would greatly boost of morale. And even though we drew the match, we could tell that everyone was in better spirits. I guess we all went home, had a good rest and tried not to think about the losses.

Something random:

Jolene and Kang Jun pulling each others’ hair as Lilin pose along

I think Jolene‘s going to kill me for posting such an unglam photo of her

Anyway, my package finally came!

My first online order from Emily the Strange Clothing! I was like a fat kid waiting for cake as I kept checking the tracking order

My package!

My package!

My package!
Lost Limited Tee: I simply had to get it

My package!
Emily Playing Cards: Don’t think I’ll ever use them to play!

My package!
2008 Calendar

My package!
Classic Strange Poster

Yeah, I got my cake. So I’m a happy fat kid now


  1. Ooh, it stinks about the loses. I don’t know anything about canoe polo but it sounds like you tried your hardest! Yay for getting packages. I also over-track them.

  2. yay yay….we gonna fight all the way!!! kill!!! wahaha…the picture looks really retarded…lol =p

  3. What I meant is that there are some things you don’t have to order coz I may be able to find them so you can save on shipping.

    Ooh. Okay. I feel silly for not catching what you meant. Then maybe you could help me look out for this then

  4. nad, you did a great job during the nus match
    we’ll all jiayou for the coming matches

  5. hello sister.
    but anyway, send it to me…!

  6. I’ve never heard of canoe polo till now. Sounds really neat. Bites that you lost though. Hopefully your next games will be better. =D

    And that Emily the Strange stuff is really nice. The artwork is so pretty!

  7. we are so playing with those cards – just no heart attacks yeah–maybe taiti

  8. Hehe I had to laugh about your excitement about getting your box. I thought I was the only one that got THAT anxious & checked and checked and checked the tracking. It’s the best part! You got some cute Emily stuff, too! A lot of the Emily stuff you see around here is… well, junky.

    You did pretty good at your games. Don’t worry about losing a couple.

  9. Checked out the site. It says that it’s sold out online and to check the stores. The only stores in Illinois are all in Chicago. Well, I’m going up there this weekend but I’m not sure I have the time to stop by those stores. Haven’t even checked on the Chicago map where they are exactly. So basically, don’t keep your hopes up.

    Haha! It’s ok boss! I won’t. Just glad that you could help me check out if you can Thank you!

  10. Wow, sorry you lost a couple of games, but hopefully you’ll do better in your next match, now you’ve got everything out in the open.

    I love your stuff from Emily Strange, it’s really wicked, I’m gonna have to go buy some of those playing cards now, even though I’ll never use them lolz.

  11. It sucks about your losses but it sounds like you were in better spirits after the draw match. I think you should be proud. It sounds like you accomplished a lot.
    Congrats on getting your package. It’s always exciting when your orders finally come in.

  12. Emily the Strange is soo cool, but I don’t buy any of the stuff, since my sister is called Emily, so I think it would be weird lol.

    Shame that you lost mot your matches, but hopefully you looked at where you went wrong and will be able to improve for he next time you are facing a team.

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