Budget Shopping

Happy Children’s Day!

So, no holidays for the tertiary kids. But, shorter schooling hours are good Jolene and I planned this shopping trip since last Tuesday since we were feeling down and needed a day to relieve everything. Boy, it sure worked wonders.

We met up at City Hall to check out some skinny jeans at Peninsula Plaza since they were around SG$20. However, we did not fancy the material much (although the colours were really striking).

So we took a train to Somerset and hung out at Flash and Splash at The Heeren for almost an hour or so trying out various Emily Strange clothes. She ended up getting a skirt while I got two Emily Strange tops and a watch because they were going at half price

We walked to Lido, hoping to catch a movie. However, the timings did not fit into our schedule so we just grabbed Subway cookies instead (since she was craving for some peanut cookies :D). We headed to DFS Galleria in hope to look at the alcohol section again (I can hear Jason calling us jiu gui) but they only had whiskey on display

So we crossed over to Far East Plaza as she needed a new belt. Wei Zheng joined us there and I bet he regretted it since we took quite some time looking at belts and bracelets

After he left for work, Jo and I wandered around till I decided to head down to Parkway Parade to get my left ear pierced yet again

Nicole never really understands why I like going all the way there to Stege to get my piercings done but I guess I just like Desmond

After getting my fourth ear hole, I checked out Esprit and walked out SG$50 poorer but with three nice t-shirts

Retail therapy is so great with you, sister!


  1. Oh man, now I really want to go shopping. I haven’t been shopping since August. I don’t have the money to go shopping now that I’m jobless so it sucks! I kinda want to get my ears pieced again but I’m not sure if I will or not.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Shopping is like my ultimate desire right now but I’m too busy to even attempt it. I love skinny jeans, hopefully you’ll find some soon!

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