So my team went to Sentosa on Saturday to do some relaxing and bonding instead of the usual training. I would not say it was a big success but at least the team talk we had cleared some stuff hanging and tied some loose ends.

Today was Sky Tower & Power98 Carvivor Rally and I had to be up by 5.30 in the morning in order to reach SAFRA Yishun Country Club at 7 to register. My group had Aaron , Xiong and Neo and they can be very, very, very lame (and a tad childish) together.

Oh, and we had a group name, too. When I first saw our name, I literally laughed out loud. Our name was 3 wolves and a not so little sheep

Carvivor had shortlisted groups so there were 150 groups (of four) trying to win SG$10,000 in cash. I kid you not. Hey, $2.5k is quite handy in my pocket This year’s theme was water so we were told to be prepared to get wet.

Anyway, the challenge kicked off with one person from each team swimming the breadth of the swimming pool to collect the location of the first station. There were five stations in all and our first stop was at West Coast Park, followed by Pasir Ris Park, Sky Tower at Sentosa, some car show room around Ang Mo Kio (I forgot the location) and Choa Chu Kang stadium.

At each station, there were challenges that had water involved. The time taken for all the challenges are tabulated for each group and the group that completes all five challenges in the shortest time wins that $10,000. And, unfortunately, 3 wolves and a not so little sheep did not win

But I had fun, I guess. I met Zhi Yuan at the challenge! It’s been a long time since I last saw him. We agreed that we should meet up soon to celebrate our belated birthdays


  1. Aww! Sounds like so much fun! Participating is really the point to these, you’re a winner in my books ;]

    I love meeting old schoolmates! Its like a walk down memory lane!

  2. hey. thanks for the comment o my site and the birthday message Cute site you have here. I like how the header and footer match.

    5:30 am sounds too early for me, i like my sleep too too much. The challenge sounds fun and the money you could win isnt half bad either.

  3. SOunds like you had a lot of fun. That competition sounds fun wether you wind or not! lol. Ofcorse it would have been better if you had won.

  4. Well, at least you had fun! I guess that’s the most important thing, right? (Though I’m sure the money would have been pretty nice!) How did your team do anyway?

  5. Competition is not just about winning, but enjoying yourself and being able to see how you stand against others. Good for you that your team had fun at least. There’s always next time, right?

  6. sounds fun eh! I probably wouldnt recognize someone I was old school mates with. Lol, maybe they’d recognize me! But i’m silly and wouldnt notice. baha

  7. I love your group name. I’ve never been very competitive and would probably be horrible at that type of competition, but if I was doing it with friends it would be fun win or lose. Glad to see you had fun, thats what’s important.

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