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I know I am like, very slow. But I just finished the first season of Veronica Mars (in which I have heard about it quite a lot a long time ago but just never had the sources then) and I must say that it really rocks. The only problem I have with this show is the theme song (“We Used To Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols). I just (personally) feel that the melody is a tad too cheery for the series.

Before watching or reading up on this show, I knew I had this thing for Logan Echolls. Described as Neptune High’s “obligatory psychotic jackass” by Veronica, he is quite a bad boy. But, whatever. Jason Dohring is my so-new poster-guy now

Logan Echolls

Logan Echolls

I so dig him


  1. I have never heard of that show. I really don’t watch series or sitcoms… actually, I don’t watch TV that much anymore, either.

  2. Okay, so everyone’s always told me that Veronica Mars was the SLEEPER HIT of the century and that everyone should see it, but I’m having a difficult time understand what it’s really about. I hear it’s like a pseudo noir teenage mystery series

    I’m totally interested.
    [Sidenote]: I love your layout

  3. I like the few episodes that I have seen of Veronica Mars actually. I’ve never finished it or watched every episode though so that might be a thing to do when I get some vacation time.

  4. I have never seen Veronica Mars. The only series I watch are CSI (all three) and That 70s Show. I have heard that VM is quite good, though. I might give it a go. I do know the guy is REALLY hot

  5. Oh gosh WP kicks cutenews butt around the galaxy it’s just amazing. I think I’m in love lol.

    I’ve been wanting to watch Veronica Mars for so long. I even met Kristen Bell and had lunch with her (and a group of other actors) and everything but idk…she kind of bugs me lol. I don’t really want her on Heroes and I have no idea why. I have the entire first season downloaded on my HD and I still have never watched it.

    OMG JASON! He’s on Moonlight…and yes I’m so embarrassed to say I watch that show but I do enjoy his character on it so much.


  6. I think I might have seen part of one episode of Veronica Mars… it seems pretty familiar. I was probably channel surfing.

    I’ve never actually watched it, though, so I can’t relate much.

  7. I used to watch Veronica Mars, but I haven’t lately. I liked it, so I have no idea why I just randomly stopped :S
    He is quite the eye candy, i must say XD

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