Piz-ing Cute Hottie

Well, it appears that I have finally finished watching every episode of Veronica Mars. Jason Dohring is still hot-looking as Logan Echolls but Stosh “Piz” Piznarski is so cute in an indie-rockish way. Well, he’s also adorable when he goes all puppy-eyed at Veronica



Anyway, to touch on things that have been happening, well, nothing much actually. School’s still a chore (and a bore), still having an assignment that is overdue, a quiz that I managed to convince the lecturer to let me take a re-test (because I missed it due to illness but the doctor refused to grant me a MC) and my project is running behind schedule.

Training-wise ain’t that good either since my back has begun to hurt really bad recently and someone said that I might have a slip disc or something. To think that we are going to have friendlies with NP this Saturday. My arms feel flabby already

I miss my team



  1. Ooo … very cute indeed. And yes, school is often pretty dull, but believe it or not, once you don’t *have to go, you’ll actually miss it.

  2. Dang I must start watching Veronica Mars. LOL.
    Darn school. Ganbatte on school work!Maybe you should see a doctor about your back. Hope it’s okay. =)
    Don’t be too missy sad. -huggles-

  3. I’ve never heard of that show, but dude in pictures is pretty cute. Good job on getting your teacher to let you retake the quiz you missed…doctors can be such a pain!

  4. The last time I commented here was when you had started watching VM. Now I’m back with a different site when you’re ending it lol.


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