New Hairstyle

After a long wait, Jolene and I have finally gotten our haircuts!

I have been wanting to change my hairstyle for some time and she was getting irritated with her hair. So we went over to her aunt’s hairdressing salon to get our hair done.

Here are some before pictures:

part of my Zoe collection
With three of my Zoes

Darling Jen and Me
With my darling Jen

To be honest, I never liked getting haircuts. Trimming or thinning my hair is fine since the hairstyle does not change. But cutting is like, this huge step to take. And after much anticipation and excitement over a couple of weeks, apprehension actually starts to creep up. My hair is what I call problematic, disobedient and stubborn. Pretty much like myself, come to think of it.

Anyway, the moment Jo’s aunt started cutting off locks of my long, long hair, I could feel this thump in my heart and this nagging voice in my head going, “This is wrong. This is wrong.” She was cutting it waaay too short. She thinks that volume would do my hair good. But I have never liked volume for my hair since it is already thick and pong. Ah, well.

After that, it was Jo’s turn. She wanted her hair shorter. And after going through much “let me think about it”, she finally decided to dye her hair in a reddish shade. I decided to keep her company and to observe how the dyeing was done. Well, all that observing made me feel like dyeing my own hair. But colouring my hair at her aunt’s salon was way off my budget. So, after our haircuts, we walked to AMK Hub and I found my bottle of hair dye. (It was a Korean brand that I could not seem to find it anywhere besides a certain shop in town.)

Not feeling hungry but feeling the need to munch on some snacks, we walked around and had random fried snacks. (Arg! Oily skin!) We could not find a bench to sit and camwhore. So we stood by some stairs and started taking pictures

Jo and I with our new looks
With my twin, Jo

When I got home, my sisters said that my hair looked weird. I cannot blame them since I know that I have destroyed my hair Judaxil was so frank that she went, “Your hair looks weird, jie.” And Nicole went, “Ha! And I was nice enough not to say that.” :mrgreen:

I washed the wax out of my hair, blew dry it and started dyeing. It was obvious that a lot of my hair was gone as I had a lot of leftover dye. So Nicole decided to try to have her hair highlighted. Because she was impatient to bathe, the colour did not stay and so, her hair still looks the same.

I had to wash three times to get all that dye out of my hair. And the aftermath was b-e-a-utiful. It was shocking red (under the light)!

Red Hair

Red Hair

I feel that my hair is really too short and weird to post without something to cover it. So for now, it would be this cap that I borrowed from Judaxil :p

I cannot wait for my hair to grow now!


  1. Awww! Don’t worry your hair will grow back. It doesn’t look bad to me! I’m sure there are ways that you can style it to your liking.

  2. Sometimes change is good.. sometimes it isn’t. I hope you don’t rely too much on what others think of your hair as much as what you honestly think. My opinion is that it’s really pretty. I like it alot, and I think the lady did a good job. (well, I like what I can see of it, since it’s covered up, lol). Don’t worry though, hair grows fast.

    Thank you, Angela. This really made my day

  3. Can’t see from the pics. 1) You’re wearing black. 2) Your head is pressed against your friend’s. 3) The next 2 pics, your hair is wet.

    But, I think it’s the kind of punk/rock hairstyle. A bit of volume at the top then thinned out a lot at the ends. Be glad your hair is not like mine, big and frizzy. I want to cut something like your hairstyle now or as short as S.H.E’s Hebe also cannot. Sianz…

    Haha. Boss! My hair is still very pong that’s why I’m still wearing a cap. Got a new Springfield cap so YAY ME! The hairdresser said that I either have to perm or rebond my hair in order to hide the frizzy-ness :? Anyway, it’s quite hard to see the red colour in pictures Annnd, I miss you!

  4. u noe.. from a guy wif absolutely no fashion sense.. i dun see why u haf to worri abt ur hair. but that’s me. haha. reading wat nicole and judaxil said realli made me laugh (looks around guiltily) but hey. hair’s.. hair. u’re still great.

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