It’s Been Awhile…

Training with Joycelyn and Geok Cheng was pretty fun Even though less than half the team turned up, it was still okay. I admit I was not in the mood to train but the moment I started passing balls, shooting and keeping, my eagerness returned

Simon was around to guide us and teach us. I believe we’ve learnt quite a few things and improved on our shooting

Another good thing about training today was that the sun was bright, hot and sunny! So I got darker and that makes me a happy kid!

After that, we had a meal at Suntec. Then Joycelyn had to leave for work. So Geok Cheng and I walked around Suntec, browsing through the newer shops and finding nothing interesting to buy. Well, until we went to CityLink’s Giordano store and saw that the racer-back tops were going at $8 (with a minimum purchase of two tops). So we both got a black medium one

Black Racer

(You can see how my hair looks like without a cap.)

Oh! The stuff I bought online came! Three different packages arrived two days ago and I was so excited! Here’s the Hollister Co. tee I got and I really think it’s a swell purchase

Hollister Co.

After that, I gave Geok Cheng her early birthday present I got for her a couple of months back–a Phillip Soven autograph

I hope you like it! I was afraid that your interest in him had diminished while he was here for Wakeboard World Cup 2007 :? Just glad that you were just as excited as I had hoped you would be

So, what did you initially think I got for you?


  1. hehe somewhere along that line..
    cos i rmb you asking me sth abt philip soven and telling me you’ve gotten me my present..
    thanks! i rlly love it!

  2. Oh, the idea of a bright, warm, sunny day makes me so jealous. It’s so ridiculously cold, yet not cold enough for snow here…

    Your haircut is so cute!

    Hollister is a nice store. And that t-shirt is cool. Nice find.

  3. Racer back top!!! I can’t find it here! Maybe coz not in season now, have to wait till summer? I was hunting for those tops coz I needed one or two to pair with certain clothing.

    Why you no say you want Hollister stuff? I can get from here you know.

  4. That is a nice t. I like!
    Man, that sounds like the best day… sunny and good weather, shopping, hanging with friends… what more can you want?

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