You Know It’s A Bad Day

You know you are having a lousy day when:

  • you over dosed yourself (with cough syrup) the night before and wake up in the middle of the afternoon
  • you meet up a friend in an attempt to cheer him up over a death of a close friend of his (which is currently a nationwide news) only to fail because you are way too disturbed with your own woes
  • you arrive at work with absobuckinlutely no mood to work
  • you have to be on your toes at work because it’s The Boss Meeting Day
  • you lose all appetite but binge on Maccas’ shaker fries for the whole night
  • you attempt to puke out all those oily, fatty fries in vain
  • you leave your phone somewhere, only to discover it missing when you’re halfway on the highway

Well, guess how my day was?

On a side note, it was nice that you remembered.


  1. I’m sorry your day went so badly. But, I have to say, I never like going to work anymore and I have to go at least three days a week.


  2. Just think of it this way… if so many craptastic things are happening, there’s bound to be something really awesome coming up.

    Hope things get better.

    I like your blog’s layout, by the way.

  3. That’s lame. I am sorry to hear about your lousy day! I was pretty miserable today, too. I was in a bad mood and got sick. But at least it’s good to think that things will get better eventually! Those fries sound pretty tasty – there’s a new festive menu at the McDonald’s here in England and there’s these breaded cheese melt things which are totally delicious. You should try them if you have the same thing over there! Chin up! xox

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