slammed into the year

Someone texted me this that almost made me laugh out loud in public:

Happy new year to you, my cute, lil’, butch-lookalike, spit-loving friend.. =D

New Year’s Eve was terribly packed! My workplace was slammed with 8974509239047 customers trying to order drinks! By the time 0000 hours rolled around, the fireworks began and the balloons were released, I was standing by the bar, totally exhausted, waiting for my drinks order to arrive so that I could send it to a customer.

I can’t remember how many freaking champagne bottles I opened, but let’s say that the bar ran out of Moet and ran low on Mumms.

Since my New Year was quite boring, a couple of pictures from Christmas

East Coast
East Coast at night

chilling out


  1. That’s a funny text. I got one saying “I kinda like you so I’ve decided to renew my friendship contract with you for 2008, so don’t mess it up.” lol.


  2. Wow, I miss coming by your site… I need to start coming here more often… Hehe…

    Anyways, wow, so you work at the bar? Sorry to hear how packed it was!!

    LOL about the text that you got.

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