another long weekend

It is going to be another long weekend, it seems. After this entry, I’m going to rush off to meet my team to move the boats over to NTU for the Canoe Polo 3-on-3 Challenge then play matches overnight there till Saturday morning. Then, I think, move the boats back and then finally heading home to catch some sleep before heading to work later in the night. After my shift, I’m going to head to Jo‘s place for our New Year gathering where I’ll be making them breakfast (and hopefully, eating the leftovers from potluck.) Then, I’m not sure if I should be training on Sunday afternoon before going off to work at night.

I wanted to do my first Friday 5 of the year but I realized that the questions were way too hard to answer. 2007 was not a good year :?


  1. omg. i jus noticed. anders, ocs? WHOAH. nevermind that i finished ns more than a year ago.. (great. now i feel old. lol) but he’s grown so much. haha. seems like ytd when i met u 2 at expo before service. (or was it after?)miss u all lots

    haha. erm.. wat was i abt to say? OH. yea. reading ur post makes me feel tired. haha. but u always inspire me to do that much more in life. thanks sis. haha. take good care yea.

    in all fairness, i kinda think those 5 questions would be hard for ANYone to answer. lol. hmm. take good care yea dear sis..

  2. Good luck with your weekend!

    Wow, that Friday 5… Wow, that got me thinking… LOL… But yeah, 2007 wasn’t a good year for me either… =/

  3. Whoa, the canoe challenge sounds awesome. Hope you had fun with your busy weekend! Sometimes the busy ones are the most fun.

  4. heyhey thks for playing 3on3 with me
    scored some nice goals…
    hehe jiayou ((:

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