High on nuggets

The Sunday before, we were two clowns dressed alike (black pants/skinny jeans, Hollister Co. tees, sneakers and sling bags). It was so amusing we stayed out all night and Weili did crazy stuff. Check it out:

On the road
On the road between Marina Square and The Esplanade

Last Sunday, we were five idiots gorging on 80 pieces of chicken nuggets (with curry sauce!) from MacDonald’s. My colleagues and I actually got high on them Not to mention our stomachs felt like bursting. It is going to be amusing whether they will continue eating nuggets this Sunday. I won’t be joining them though

Anyway, it’s birthday time!

Happy 24th Birthday Jun Wei Sweet!

I guess you don’t want to take pictures with your candle or me anymore But it’s okay! You’ve got a spankin’ nice gift (Yeah, it is so hot it burnt 87346589 holes in my pocket. Ha!)

Happy 20th Birthday Joel di!

So you’re older once again

Let’s see here. I am still waiting for the photos from the Canoe Polo 3-on-3 Challenge. How was it? Tiring. Try competing eight matches overnight. I described my injuries to my friend and the response I got was, “Sounds like you’ve been to a war.” :?

So I shall post a couple of pictures of Jolene and I at MoS with Rey and her coursemates

Jo and I

Jo and I
Not sure why I was being so squinty-eyed


  1. LOL about being in the middle of the road… That’s scary!

    Woah, 80 pieces of nuggets?! WOAH…

    LOL about being squinty-eyed, but happy birthday to those 2!

  2. Sounds like I would of been bafing on those nuggetts. A little crazy and I don’t think I would try it. The thought of it makes me want to barf. Cool site too btw.

  3. Holy crap – EIGHTY nuggets?! How did you guys not throw up? And I’ve never heard of curry sauce, but hey – if it’s good, that’s all that counts.

  4. Oh my goodness… 80 pieces of chicken nuggets???? I think I would be done at 30 maximum but wow… you guys got a pretty good stomach then…
    the pictures are absolutely entertaining

  5. Urg, I can’t eat McDonalds food anymore. It’s way to greasy. I had like 1 hashbrown and I nearly threw up. It makes me sick. Wendy’s, Harveys etc are way better.

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