Stupid Cupid

Since it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I decided to wear my Threadless Stupid Cupid tee!

I should have bought a size S so it looks kind of big on me :?

Stupid Cupid'
I so love this design!

I stayed up and made breakfast for my family. I made french toast, and, guess what? Yep. The toast was heart-shaped!

I was supposed to meet Jun Wei for a sushi buffet but he had a last minute quiz so he had to study Oh well, sushi buffet another time then! (Hints to sister Jolene and Geok Cheng.)

In the late afternoon, I started my shift at the bar and boy, did time move ever so slowly Furthermore, my shoes were giving my problems so walking and standing killed my feet. But it was a surprise to see Brenda before work started HELLO BRENDA!

Anyway, some random pictures that I does not have a blog entry to accompany it:

I have no idea what Jolene was looking at

Mövenpick ice cream!'
Lovie and I went to Sentosa on a rainy afternoon to have Mövenpick ice cream! Our first time trying out this ice cream.


Lack sleep'
This is what happens when you put two cool dudes together without sleep


  1. Hahahaha HELLO!

    Anyway, I was fully functional yesterday because the antihistamines worked like magic (as usual). It will only be during an allergic reaction where I’ll look … sickly.

  2. hihi i wld love it sushi buffet! but im working now and i have no idea where’s got dinner buffet…go check it out??

  3. sister! OKAY! SOON SOON HEEHEE!
    anyway wheelock should have right? we can always go back there geok!

  4. wheelock’s outlet has got dinner buffet meh?
    i dunno abt that..
    i think i shd gather an updated list of the available buffets of the sakae outlets!

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