“Drink swimming pool water…

… and be strong like national team.”

That was what we kept going round when we first started training almost two years ago. It’s a standing joke among my team

Anyway, the school’s swimming pool is finally back! After waiting for almost nine months of renovation and many, many months of dirty Kallang water, we finally have the pool back! And I just found out that the pool water is not chlorine water but… mineral water!

The school had the staff toilets renovated as well, and, boy, it’s really a comfort room I’m just not too happy with the water pressure because that means I will have to take forever to bathe. And I am not sure why nothing possessed the school to renovate the other public toilets as well. I mean, seriously, those toilets need to be renovated that badly and they did not do a single thing to them!

Oh, well.

Anyway, after more than a month of not training (at all!), I went back without much of a mood to train. Surprisingly, I realized that sprinting was not as tiring as I had anticipated it to be :?

But the aftermath of a Saturday training showed up on my system: bruised hands, knees and my lower back, cuts on legs, aching biceps, muscle cramps on toes, ankle, shins, calves, you name it, I cramped it…

At least the pool’s back so more trainings for the upcoming competition in April

On a side note (to Jolene and Geok Cheng), there is a dinner buffet at Funan IT Mall (City Hall) and Park Mall (DG). We could go there and have the Youth Buffet! *ahem ahem*

Finally, on a random note, the stupid turd dropped me into a thorny bush and now I have a big bruise on my knee and thorn cuts on my shin (aside from those attained during training) :mrgreen:


  1. Urgh. I hate being sore after taking a break from a sport. The 3 or so days after I go back to climbing after a break are usually the days that I wished I didn’t do any sports at all.

    (And replying to your comment on my blog.. I did end up going out to coffee with my friend for V-Day and not sitting home alone.)

  2. Oh woah! I would love a swimming pool with mineral water!

    Anyways, yeah, I know what you mean about having cramps and all that after training! I HATE that!

  3. That’s SO cool that you have mineral water in your pool!! Sucks about the cramps though, those things are death.

  4. Thanks for the comment
    Wow mineral water thats luxury, I swear my local pool is just urine, not nice.
    Ow sorry to hear about the cramps and the cuts.

  5. Oooh a newly renovated pool complete with mineral water? How swanky! I used to swim competitively for my school way back when and reading this entry just brought back memories. All the sore and aching muscles, early morning training sessions, sprints until you thought you’d die. Good times.

  6. WOAH, mineral water? I haven’t heard of that before. Well you’re school is really spending money for the pool I guess. That’s really nice for everyone.

  7. What do you guys sprint through? I’m so jealous…MINERAL WATER IN A POOL? And of course they’d renovate the staff bathrooms before the public ones, LOL. That’s life.

  8. Did I read it right? Mineral water?! WOW. Your school must be really spending big bucks for that swimming pool. That’s great!

  9. Mineral water in a pool? Why? You’re swimming in it, not drinking it. That doesn’t really make any sense to me at all.

    Anyhoo – It’s cool that your pool and potties are back up and running, heh.

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