It kind of died

Funny how you have been waiting for something for so, so long and when it’s finally here (well, let’s say, the day before) and something (just something, really) happens and things change (and when I say change, it means a lot) and absolutely nothing remains the same (which totally sucks and puts me into a depressing state) and the excitement just somehow dies. Abruptly.

But, then again, it was revived


  1. What? *scratch head*

    I asked Koon Seng about mailing parcels on campus and he told me to ask another friend coz that friend has mailed stuff back home before. I hope he had it mailed on campus, if not I’ll have to ask if you can wait till after Spring break (mid-March). Koon Seng will have his car then and he can drive me to the main post office.

  2. Well, I’m not sure to understand (don’t blame me, I’m French!) but I’m glad it revived anyway!
    You’re sooo sweet, I love your face! Your blog is really lovely though.
    Have a good day!

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