Happy Birthday Jo!

I wanted to do an entry on my first time cutting up a whole papaya, but, of course, Jo is always more important than an overripe fruit

Happy 23rd Birthday to you dear Jo! We love you always! (Even though we still know that you cannot cut a square cake.)

We had dinner at Miss Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant in Bugis. I had my all-time favourite: Grilled Chicken and Spring Rolls Vermicelli. However, it was not very nice as I have tasted better ones

I think that every year, as we grow a year older, we have to become more mature. So that means no loud birthday song singing and not much camwhoring

Jo, her cake and five candles'
Her cake only had two big and two small candles. So we made her hold the last small candle

Chocolate cake
Yummy chocolate birthday cake

My slice

Soffie sis, Jo, PK, Pei Wen, CJ, Perrine and Me


  1. Happy Birthday Jo!!!

    The food sounds good. I haven’t had Viet food in a while.
    xD The cake looks good, it looks like a chocolate cheese cake.

  2. Tell Jo I said happy birthday =] I do hope her 23rd is an enjoyable one! lol =D

    I don’t think camwhoring has any age limits, one is never to old to let loose and have a little reasonable fun, ya know?

  3. Oh man, you’re making me crave Vietnamese food even though I’m Vietnamese! =P

    Hehe about becoming more mature. Glad you guys had an awesome time! And the cake looks good!!

  4. Aww happy birthday to her!

    And that looks yummy! It sounds like everything went well! And cutting a papaya? Great job ^_^+

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