out with Yao Wei

After leaving the workforce to serve the nation six months ago, Yao Wei and I finally had the chance (and time) to meet up to catch up, chill, and, of course, drink

He was almost an hour late So dinner was on him

I have never, ever eaten crÍpes before. It was not because I never had the chance or that I don’t want to. It is just that I wanted my first taste of crÍpes at Out of the Pan (at Raffles City). So that was where we had dinner first

Out of the Pan

He had some escargot crÍpe while I had smoked ham. So, how was the first taste of crÍpe? Well, since I had smoked ham, it tasted like some ham pizza

Yao Wei’s escargot crÍpe

My smoked ham crÍpe

After dinner, we had a round of drinks at Le Baroque at CHIJMES then more drinks at loof.

Our drinks'
The Tom Yam, Gummiberry and two Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Hemorrhage

To top off the night, he wanted a Flaming Lamborghini. And he wanted me to have one, too :?

After serving it so many times to customers, I was quite apprehensive about trying that drink since I keep seeing customers fan their mouth like it was on fire :?

But it turns out pretty okay. Just that I could not stomach it much and had to throw up a little :mrgreen:

Brain Hemorrhage

Brain Hemorrhage


  1. This post made me incredibly hungry! With a slight desire to get wasted, perhaps. lol

    Long time no see, Nadine! How are you? Rockin’ some hot shades, I see? Haha

  2. Mmmm now I’m hungry! Wait–did he eat snails…? 0.o Whoa, a Flaming Lamborghini? That sounds interesting…

  3. Wow those drinks look tastey I recently just baught 6 daiquiries (sp? lol) from a nearby shop. ive never hurd of the flaming lamborghini before-imma have to get my step mom to whip that up for me (she owns a bar). Glad u had fun catching up with your buddy..he’s cute:P hehe!

  4. I’ve never eaten crepes before but I would LOVE to try those. I have lots of crepes on my sims 2 game, haha.

  5. Well it’s great you got to meet up and catch up with a friend now that he has returned. I always thought crepes were more of a dessert thing, not a meal, but interesting.

  6. my mom introduced me to crepes. they are awesome. but the ones i had were uhm…strawberry banana.

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