SP Opens Championships

I thought it would be better to blog about the weekend in an entry but I guess after yesterday’s match, I’m not too much in a jolly mood to type about the great play my team had on Saturday

Basically, it was against NUS but, somehow, we lost. But just by a goal. Considering that we have not been training together as a team, personally, I felt that we played pretty well. Just our luck, I guess.

Yesterday’s match was against TP Frost and we just played badly. Period.

I just got some last minute bad news but, I don’t care.

I am going to have fun at Genting later!

I so can’t wait


  1. Aww, I’m sorry you guys lost! =(

    Oh wow about the last minute bad news… I hope it isn’t too bad!!

    Have fun Genting! You seem really excited for it! Hehe!

  2. omg so you might not remember me but i found you from my guestbook from when i had a site four years ago!!

  3. Oh bum, that sucks that you didn’t win but I am sure you will be ready and armed for next time!

  4. I guess.. more practice? I supposed you’ve already practiced enough, better luck next time, then

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