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The Genting trip was okay, I guess. The rides were fun but we had the down moments. Especially the terrible service we got there. Not to mention the discrimination. Urg.

Anyway, we played pretty okay last weekend. We were up against NTU on Saturday, and Redtide and Devlin on Sunday.

I guess despite the lack of trainings together as a team, not to mention it’s not the team I have been playing together with for the past two years, we played pretty okay. Not too bad in my opinion. But we could have done better. Maybe we will show them this weekend

My new team (We so need a new team name)

This is pretty cool...
I’m surprised I did not capsize here

Yeah, I'm pretty fierce
If you can’t get the ball, cap the opponent…

Yeah! I scored!
… then score the goal (nice pass from Yanli!)

Judaxil could not stop laughing when she saw this

Before our match against Devlin, we were cheering loudly for Jackson as he was playing in the pool. The inside joke was that he complained that during training matches, whenever a girl scores, everyone cheers for her (including the guys) and whenever he (Jackson) scores, his own teammates does not even say, “Good shot.”

So, to make him feel better, we screamed and cheered like crazy whenever he scored a goal. And there was this goal he scored and we cheered like mad and he kind of gave a little bow as he rowed towards us and looked rather embarrassed

So, during our match against Devlin, he cheered like crazy for us, which was really amusing because seeing one single senior guy cheering for the whole girls team was just… amusing. Haha!

New Team
Clockwise from left: Yanli, Lilin, Joycelyn, Geok Cheng, Patricia, Joanne, Jolene and Me

The Keepers
The Keepers: Geok and Pat

The Zoners
The Zoners: Lilin, Joanne, Jo and Poi

The Chasers
The Chasers (best you can ever find :D): Yanli and Me

The Juniors
The junior girls

The Seniors
The senior girls

SP Girls Team

Okay, now I need to figure out how to upload 225 photos (approx. 750MB) online so that seven girls can get them :?


  1. I’m glad you had fun on the rides, but wow, that trip sounded like this one trip I took when I was a freshman in high school! The discrimination and service!

    LOL about the inside joke with Jackson. =P

    But I’m glad it went ok! =) Oh, and 225 pictures? Hahah, I uploaded around that much for a trip I recently went on. =P

  2. Hahahaha. I agree. Genting’s service really sucks. Especially the theme park. And the best part is how the service staff love to pass comments about us in Malay to each other, thinking that we do not understand.

    Anyway, nice action photos!

  3. What kind of discrimination did you encounter in Genting? That sounds awful.

    Those photos are great! It looks like you had an awesome time. That looks like such a fun sport!

  4. whoa whoa. i was just wondering who was it that commented me. now i finally see the unveiled you. as the matter of fact, i do know when sp frisbee trains. ytd was orientation i guess, the next training would be on friday. sadly it clashes with my db training. anyway, i did intend to join canoe polo. i canoed k1 and k2 before! *awesome layout, emoticons and photos* cheers to wordpress. woo that was a lengthy comment.

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