Tiang Club

Note to readers: Tiang is a term we use whenever the ball hits the goal frame. Technically, it should be diang. But I guess we’ll just go along with tiang, eh?

Yesterday’s training was one of the very few trainings that had all eight of us down to train together. And, of all days, it had to be a day where almost everyone willingly joined the new tiang club—SPTC—because almost all of us kept tianging.

When I was doing some stationary shots, there was this time I tianged four times in a row. Four times! It was so frustrating that I got really angry and it made my following two shots in

I did not practice keeping for a long time. So, initially, practically everyone’s balls kept ramming into the goal. But after getting the hang of it, I managed to keep pretty decent balls. Especially those thrown by the alumni guys And Jackson tianged three times in a row! Jacky was much worse. Almost all his balls kept tianging.

Geok Cheng was saying that we practically tianged more than 50 balls yesterday :?

We played pretty okay with the guys. We managed to score three goals, too. If only we can play like this on Saturday (minus all the tianging), we could probably trash the other two teams

It would be Joycelyn’s last match with us So Geok was saying we should try and let her score as many goals as she can this Saturday

It is always amazing to discover the bruises and cuts and abrasions one can get after a training session. It is more of a wonder when one does not realise how one got the injury to begin with.

Check out my bruises on my right arm from keeping:

As well as those on my thighs—courtesy of the Vampire (that’s the brand of the boat):

This one on my left may not look as gross but it hurts much more. I mean, its causing me to limp!


Now, my body is aching everywhere—arms, legs, back, neck… I wish I can have a clone of myself so I can get some massaging done on my back.


    damn gross can!!! ):):

  2. Damn! I’m sorry about those bruises! =( I get bruised easily on my legs and thighs… =/ But I’m glad training went ok, and that you got some goals! =)

  3. Eck, all those bruises reminded me why I don’t touch any sports with balls. Hope they heal soon, though.

  4. I see you love to play golf dear.. but gawd how I wish I know how to play gilf too. hahahaha..XD

    hey, the arms looks so bad.. =( hope the bruise will be gone asap.

    Take Care!

  5. aw, that hurts. Tiang sounds like a fun game., but I’m scared of sports that has anything to do with balls, lol.

  6. Nadine!
    Hahahah *tiang* I can just imagine xD I can understand how it must have been frustrating.
    You’re always into so much sports… And I just need to exercise a little lol. Sounds like fun, though. Ouch for the bruises. Rub them!

    Poo, it slipped my mind to contact anyone I knew when I went to Singapore last year ClassikMB is officially dead, I guess. Takes waaay too much time to maintain, and if I remember correctly, all the people who really did post just… disappeared lol.

    Nope, there is no special requirement/restrictions concerning commercial sites, it’s just that I feel slightly awkward to be asking someone to host it for free. It’s like how some resources require you to pay before you use, if you’re using them commercially?

    Anyway, you have a nice Sunday. Hope your bruises go away quick!

  7. ouch, those bruises look like they hurt! I get bruised all the time just because I’m a bruiser. I checked out your other entries and the sport looks rather fun. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it.

  8. Aw, that hurts. I had the same experience when I was younger, but the game wasn’t tiang. I hope you’re feeling ok now!

  9. after re-reading the post, i think i was too humble t say on 50 balls tianged. i guess its much more than this amount

    Haha! At least we didn’t tiang as many times that Saturday!

  10. Ouch, those bruises look painful. Every so often, I get mysterious bruises and have no idea how I got them too. It’s pretty funny to look at my leg and suddenly realize there’s a huge greenish-purplish bump on it, lol. Hope those heal soon =)

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