Liverpool lost

My internship started last week and it’s boring. Well, and somewhat demanding. This is a reason why I will never get a full-time job at the office.

Since last week, I have been pulling a five-day-six-night week. I am somewhat amazed that I can just sleep for about three hours a day, pull a nine-hour long office job, then a seven-hour shift at the bar. I guess I can now claim the title Charles gave me a few months ago: Superwoman

It was pretty much a lousy day yesterday with oversleeping, getting to internship an hour late, getting crap from the higher up folks, being demanded to do stuff that gets rejected 7863458976 times, re-doing those stuff 7863458977 times, listening to someone tell me something that I have been suppressing for months so now it becomes a reality, missing training because of internship, getting to work late because of internship…

Okay, basically, internship sucks.

That is why I wanted to go drinking. So, after work at half past three this morning, some colleagues and I ended up at a bar drinking beer and Chivas and watching the Chelsea-Liverpool match. I am not much of a soccer fan but I supported Liverpool this morning. In fact, everyone else was supporting them. But darn Chelsea! If that penalty was not scored, it could have been a draw.

Charlene was the only one rejoicing and making a whole lot of noise, irritating the shit out of everyone else (She is only supporting them because Liverpool kicked her team, Arsenal, out.)

I enjoyed myself tremendously. It made me forget (more or less) about my lousy day. And it made me look forward to working tonight

Yeah, I love working


  1. I’m sorry, that is really no fun at all. At least you could find some way to calm yourself down and let off some steam. *hugs* Stupid real world being such a challenge, I think I will just go insane, pretend I am a child and buy toys all day. XP

  2. Geez, sorry to hear about the internship… =( I have a friend who works full-time but has to work overtime A LOT, so it’s really demanding like your internship too… =/ Good luck!!

  3. hmm.. but hey.. be strong kkae.. superwoman sounds just about right. haha. some things never change ;P

  4. I’m amazed that you can sleep for only 3 hours a day! I feel terrible if I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep. Hopefully your internship will get better, it really sucks to be doing something that you don’t enjoy. My internship is starting on Monday, and I think I’ll be bored too. Heh.

  5. When I was younger I could get away with only a few hours of sleep, especially the nights I went out with my friends and then had to open at work the next day. Now that I’m a bit older I can function on about five hours or so, but I end up exhausted about half-way through the day. Naps should really become a part of the adult’s daily routine. *lol*
    x despair

  6. It sucks that you are doing an internship that you aren’t enjoying. How did you get involved in starting it?

    Bah, I don’t follow soccer much, although my sister has started to support Aston Villa. Every game she’s gone to see at home has been pants! They just can’t seem to score when she’s watching! Weird.

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