holding your beer

I was working on Sunday night when Charlene texted, asking me to head over to Mervin’s birthday chalet after my shift. I was hestitant to join since I did not know Mervin that well (besides that one drinking session with a few others) so I asked if I was invited.

She replied with his text invitation (which he massed texted to those he invited) and I replied, asking in a joking manner I was invited by him or she had forced him to Well, I went down to the chalet anyway.

I arrived just as Mervin was about to put out the BBQ pit. He cooked me some really tasty meat as well as a couple of hot dogs as Charlene introduced me to the small group that was hanging around, drinking and gambling. There was his wife, JD and his girlfriend, Morris, other ex-NAB staff and their girlfriends…

After clearing up, Mervin, Charlene, Morris and I sat down and started playing card games. Loser drinks the cup of beer. We could go a round and either pour more beer into the cup or pour out the beer. Morris kept getting the smallest card and kept putting off drinking the beer until there were four cups in front of him. I think out of the 13 rounds we played, he lost like, nine rounds? And we all helped him with his beer :mrgreen: But apparently it was still too much for him and he puked later on :?

Even though it was not a big thing, it felt nice and I enjoyed myself


  1. Sometimes you just need a night out. Being in college I get the opportunity to go out more than most, but sometimes its nice to just “let your hair down” and have fun, even if its with people you don’t know. I’m glad you went! Otherwise you may have wondered what if.

  2. i just got over with db training. wouldn’t say its tough since my days in pjc’s canoe during pae was tortuous. i was in a dilemma of choosing between canoe and db, but still i would prefer a team effort sport like db. hopefully i won’t get eliminated. hmm i heard frisbee starts from 3 – 5pm and falls on wed and fri. opps is my comment a little too late? do you do web gfx/css btw?

  3. Hehe, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed yourself, but wow, that must have been A LOT of beer if you guys helped him and he STILL puked…

  4. hey sis

    somehow i feel that u’re falling into my old life..except i was work, club & drinking and then club…it was fun but take care of tt liver aite.

    always great to widen ur social circle.

  5. sounds like you had a good night, some of the best ones are the ones when you dont know anyone that well! i so have to play that game too although i dont think i will be playing with beer!

  6. It almost sounds like the Saturday night that I had, beer and all. I am glad that you had a good time and that you had the chance to get to know some new people. Networking is good, especially when you’re in college because it may work to your benefit when you start working. Internships help too. But then, it’s also nice to just let yourself go and have a great weekend. =)

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