Drinking is Love (once again)

After the last time I went drinking (and when I say drinking, I meant drink a lot), I have been refraining from drinks altogether. However, after the last drinking session, I drank for another three days straight.

I drank on Saturday because I was down. And, apparently, a childhood friend was down as well. So I offered to drink with him on Sunday night.

We went cheap drinking by meeting near Bedok Reservoir and purchased beer, ice and some snacks at the supermarket before making our way up to the top of the multi-storey carpark.

It was nice, just sitting at the top, talking and sharing every other moment

Last night, on a rather last minute note, I met up with Sam, a primary school classmate of mine. I suggested drinking (again!) and so we had beer and martinis

A random picture of Jonathan Tay drinking at my workplace last Friday as the guys came over to celebrate Jon’s 23rd

Jon and Me
The birthday boy and Me

I have another picture of Jonathan Ang and myself but I look super retarded and Jon Ang looks super act cute. Plus, it was a rather drunk Jon Tay that took the picture :?

On a random note, I went to the hairdresser’s last night and I like my shorter, thinner and straighter hair right now!


  1. I wish I could drink, but I’m able to taste the alcohol acutely in everything that I’ve ever tried, so it hasn’t gone too well unless I buy wine coolers and sip them really slowly. Lol.

    And I want thin hair too. My hair is thick, wavy and red, which… yeah, you can probably already tell where that’s going. Maybe we can exchange hair tips on thin hair someday! All of the stuff I’ve tried so far has never worked.

  2. I love to drink, but I rarely drink. I just need friends to go out with. Glad you had a good time even you were down. I have curly/frizzy hair and I want my hair to be straight!!!

  3. I can hardly stand drinking only because my body is allergic to it, but it should not be the reason to drink when you’re down or a path to escape… but that’s just my opinion. The picture, he definitely does look smashed. heheh

  4. I like to drink sometimes, but rarely. You both look kinda plastered in that pic, but I could be wrong. LOL

  5. I think it’s pretty cool that you could wear polo shirts to your workplace. When I did my internship, it was smart casual.. argh!

    And I just realised this: you mentioned more than one Jon in your post. I know one Jon myself.. seems like it’s a common name here, eh? =)

  6. Hm, are you familiar with the term “functional alcoholic”, it refers to those who like to drink, but can still manage themselves, if they get drunk. Is that what’d you would call yourself? Just curious. I never heard anyone willingly say drinking is “love”. Interesting. xD

  7. I went drinking last night and I’m so glad I stopped when I did or my hang over would have been hell. You must hold your liquor well!

  8. Drinking is fine as long as you’re not getting drunk each time. I’ve only been drunk once in my life. I have been drinking a lot this week. Probably the most in one week ever haha. But it’s okay because it’s not a lot each time. Plus, the alcohol is left over from my birthday. I’m aloud to continue celebrating being old for a while haha.

  9. I tend to only drink when I go out, which isn’t that much. I don’t tend to drink that much because I don’t like having a hangover Lol he does look drunk.

  10. I’ve never been able to drink for three days straight! I tried it when I was younger but I never liked it…
    Now I party with my friends maybe twice a year! Though I do like to drink one-two beers on saturday evenings with my boyfriend… but then we just stay home:P

  11. It looks like you two had a good time, judging by the picture.

    “Plus, it was a rather drunk Jon Tay that took the picture” I think that’s funny.

    Glad yo’re digging your new hairstyle.

    P.S. I’m from despair.nu, sorry this comment is late but my internet was having connection problems.

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