so here’s the list

People always have trouble getting me gifts on special occasions because the things I want are either too pricey or way too pricey

So they end up giving me gifts I do not exactly want but end up keeping them anyway because I was touched that they remembered my day and gave me something to remember it by, too.

Well, so what do I want this year?


Well, isn’t it better to give me money so that I can spend on whatever I want?

(Note: list is not arranged in any particular order.)

  1. Creative Zen Vision W (60GB)
    Creative Zen Vision W
    On the inet:
    Where to find: Creative stores
  2. The Complete Seed (red) Messenger Crumpler bag
    The Complete Seed
    On the inet:
    Where to find: Crumpler stores
  3. iLuv i301 (green) Earphones
    iLuv i301
    On the inet:
    Where to find: HMV
  4. Emily Strange Striped Tee (size M)
    Emily Strange Striped Tee
    On the inet:
    Where to find: (maybe) Flash and Splash
  5. Globe skate shoes (US size 7)
    Focus Girls: black/red lips
    On the inet: Focus Girls: black/red lips
    Vice SS Girls: black/hicky
    On the inet: Vice SS Girls: black/hicky
    Vagrant: black/white
    On the inet: Vagrant: black/white
    Treble: black/white/gum
    On the inet: Treble: black/white/gum
    Prime Geneva: white/black
    On the inet: Prime Geneva: white/black
    Where to find: surf shops
  6. Polar Bear (golf head cover)
    golf head cover
    Where to find: Transview at Suntec City (#02-017)
  7. Threadless Tees
    Training For Utopia
    On the inet: Training For Utopia (Girly Tee size S)
    In Case Of Zombies
    On the inet: In Case Of Zombies (Hoody size S)
    Where to find:

I seriously doubt there will be a party thrown by me. Yao Wei (whose birthday is two days before mine) and I are these two loners with no birthday plans, planning to do something on the day between our birthdays But if I do happen to throw a rather last minute party, feel free to bring Frangelico (to drink), Sheridan’s (to drink a bit and keep), Baileys (to drink), Chambord and Goldschläger (both to drink and keep)


  1. Gee, do I spy a fellow Threadless tee lover?

    Indeed! I have quite a number. Perhaps we can make purchases together to save on shipping

  2. Aww… Happy early birthday, Nadine! =) Hehe about your list. I never know what I want, since what I want are all technology stuff, so too expensive for people. =P But yeah, I end up keeping most of my gifts too. Hehe…

  3. I have to agree that the best thing to get for a present is money. It doesn’t limit you and the gift giver won’t feel bad if they get you something you don’t like. I hope you have a great bday!

  4. People groan at your lack of creativity for giving money, but in reality, that’s the best – gift – ever! When is your birthday, by the way? Can’t seem to find any info on that. But Happy Birthday, anyway!

    It’s June 8th. Thanks!

  5. I love the wishlist.

    I didn’t do anything for my 20th birthday either…Well, I went to my brother’s for the night, but that’s about it.

  6. I rarely get what I want for my birthday etc either. But I always find that people are reluctant to give money, because they end up “spending” more – as you can tell exactly how much they’re giving you I hope you get at least some of what you want though

  7. Money FTW! Although I absolutely adore receiving presents for the thrill of not knowing what I’m going to get, it usually turns out to be a blouse which isn’t my taste =[

    Those green earphones are really cute, though =] I want them!

  8. Hahaha happy birthday ~ Hmmm, it seems I’ve gotten exactly what I wished for the last 3 years *tee-hee* But I’m really good in giving hints or my parents just know what to get me. Money is always good I guess… but don’t mind if it’s something you didn’t really ask for. People went out their way to get a nice present and sometimes picking a present can truly be hard Hope you have / had a nice b-day party afterall !!!

  9. Money is always a good gift to receive, especially if they give about the right amount. It’s not so good if someone stiffs you…

    That’s a real cute messenger!

  10. I love money! I get to spend it on what I want lol I usually don’t like what family or friends give me cause I know MY taste. Happy birthday, girl! <33

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