2 movies in a day

The last time I watched a movie was… when Andrew wanted to watch 21 and I wanted to watch Wanted (because it’s just plain cool to shoot the wings off a fly. Well, and plain mean, but whatever).

Basically, it wasn’t too long ago. But last Saturday, I watched two movies in a day. (And, I can’t find a link between the previous paragraph and this. Then again, I can be very random and say things that have totally no link. My colleagues realized this recently when I kept jumping from basketball to my mom to the weather. Really. I’m such a sad kid.)

After our shift on Friday, Charlene started persuading everyone else to catch a midnight movie. We were all going, “Is there even a showtime at four in the morning?” And it turns out that there are shows and I really wanted to catch Hellboy 2: The Golden Army but we missed it by about 15 minutes So we caught Hancock instead.

It’s not a great show to spend $10.50 on but it’s quite cool. The plot is quite… different, I think. Jianling, Allan and I fell asleep since we were so tired. But I enjoyed it because Charlize Theron is HOT

By the time I got home, it was about 7 and I slept till 6 in the evening because I was going to watch Hellboy 2 with Andrew and some of his friends

Hellboy 2 was cool! I never watched the first one and the only reason why I wanted to catch the second was because I saw the trailer and it looked pretty neat. The Red Guy is really funny. Saufi and I liked the way he handled things—giving a punch to the opponent in the middle of a sentence

It wasn’t fantastically fantastic. Still, I enjoyed the movie.

On a random note, Simpang Bedok is a recent chill out place, again.


  1. LOL, I don’t go to the movie theatres that much. But I did watch Kung Fu Panda in Imax. Hehe.

    Sorry to hear that the movie wasn’t that good, though, but I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed your time! =)

  2. I’ve never seen Hancock or Hellboy II, but I have seen Wanted. IT IS SO AMAZING, ISN’T IT, AHHHHHH!!

    I’m not sure if I’m going to see Hancock/Hellboy, but I’m really excited for The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia!

  3. i watched hancock – quite unique… u shld watch the Dark Knight… it’s good too…

  4. I want to see hellboy 2. Glad you enjoyed it As if they actually show films at that time, I wouldn’t of though they did.

  5. I never watched the first Hellboy either but the new one looks really interesting. Hancock on the other hand, I didn’t really want to see and from all the mixed reviews it didn’t seem like such a good movie to watch.

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