My 100 List

I was bored at work at the office. And after reading through Aein‘s list, I decided to write one as well. (I found out a lot of things that Aein and I share.)

So, if you’re bored or you want to know some things about me or if you just like reading lists about people, feel free to read my 100 Things List


  1. Oh wow, I read like the first 10 already… I’ll read the rest when I’m bored at work then. Haha. Maybe I’ll be tempted to do one also? Hehe.

  2. I’m bored at work, so I read yours! Your 30 is like my life…I’m embarrassed to say I was in ballet. My random lists are somewhere in my blog, but I can’t think of anymore random things, haha.

  3. #66 Freckles popped up on my right shoulder one day when I was 13. The left shoulder remains freckle-less.

    I’m the exact opposite! And I thought I was the only one with freckles on one shoulder…

  4. I liked reading through your list! I only did a 101 tasks in 1001 days list, but not one about myself yet!

    Re: the list, I empathise with the flatfootedness. I too am also flatfooted, but I haven’t worn sneakers that often since high school. =P Flip flops work best for me, especially Havaianas. =P

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