So, I had the weekend off

last week and, in a way, it was a bad thing because for over a year, I have spent almost all my Friday and Saturday nights (aside from less than 10 nights) working. So when the schedule showed that I had both Friday and Saturday nights off, I thought I was going to spend it drinking or out partying or doing something.

Friday night was bo-ring. Because everyone knew I was usually working on weekends, everyone else I knew had plans or were out drinking and partying. So I actually got home before midnight on a Friday night. Okay, now that sounded rather loser-ish. HA!

Saturday was spent roaming around VivoCity with Weili. He wanted to spend on something but could not find anything that he liked. So we headed over to Marina Square to have dinner at MOF @ My Izakaya. Ever since I tried MOF with 7ners to celebrate Perrine’s 23rd, I have been back there around five times within two weeks

We saw the fireworks! As it was the preview for the National Day parade, we happened to catch the fireworks display outside the shopping mall

After not purchasing anything for the whole afternoon, he finally surrendered and entered Topman. There, we found two Fraggle Rock tees that were pretty cool that were going at half price. He got Boober and I got Wembley.

For the whole afternoon, he had this crazy mood to get his tongue pierced. So I brought him to my piercer at Parkway Parade. After that, we chilled at Maccas where I taught him how to eat fries. It was hilarious watching him suffer (and I think I’m going to suffer when he reads this :? )

After that, Guan picked me up and together with Nic and Amanda, we went to The Wine Hut since I suggested red wine a few days ago. I can’t remember which wine we had, but it was good and we almost got another bottle.

Sunday, Joel didi and I met at Harbourfront Centre at 8 in the morning because we were heading to Batam to cable ski for the whole day at Waterfront Cable Ski Park.

Grey Clouds
Grey clouds during the ferry ride I kept cursing for it to rain in Singapore

The last time I cable skied there, I could not even stand on the board. The moment the cable pulled, I fell promptly on my face within a nanosecond. After more than an hour, the instructor was quite (jokingly) fed up than none of us noobies could stand on the board. He tempted us by saying that the first one to ride past the blue ramps gets a beer.

The Lake
See the blue ramps? The dock is not pictured and it’s still quite a distance on the left.

Guess who got the beer?

My Prize

The funny part was that after I managed to stand on the board, Joel could, too. And he was just a turn too late

After managing to reach at least to the first turn, we stopped for lunch. My black pepper chicken was really tasty

My Lunch


The Dog
There was this dog that was there and she was sooo cute


After lunch, we hit the waters again. And, I guess once you get the hang of it, you can more or less stay on the board longer. Well, until you reach the turn and fly off your board and fall flat on your face. Yeah, that happened to me :?

Look at me go!

We had a great time (although I was seriously stoning due to the lack of sleep) and we’re planning to go there again. After all, it’s much cheaper compared to SKI360



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