Mambo Night!

It was Hans‘ birthday on Wednesday and after work, I was asked to head to Zouk to celebrate. The thing is that it was Mambo Night. And I hate mambo nights. But, it was Hans. So Charlene, Vincent and I ended up heading there.

There were a few polished 42 Below bottles by the time we arrived. So we shared a bottle of Mot & Chandon for the birthday guy.

Even though Charlene said she hated mambo nights, too, she somehow could totally fit into the dance crowd with all her dancing actions. And I will hate her for dragging me up to the platform where I had to move my stiff body awkwardly to the disco tunes.

I hate mambo nights

He made me down a glass of red wine

Can’t remember who, Charlene and I

The White Rabbits under one Loof
High and Dry


  1. I feel you – I can’t dance at all so I never really look forward to that kind of parties. Cute pictures, though!

  2. You look drunk in the last picture. Hehehehehehe.

    And whoa, girl. Your HAIR! It’s suddenly changing by leaps and bounds. From long to medium length to short. From black to brown to red. But it looks gooooood!

    I do? I was rather tipsy :mrgreen: Well, my favourite hair was still the brown and medium length

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