Cable Skiing

Yesterday, I gathered Edmond, Jolene, Charlene, Allan and Jianling to go cable skiing at Batam. Moses came along as well and we reached Waterfront Cable Ski Park at around 10 (Batam time).

Truth be told, I was disappointed to learn that we were not the only group there. Apparently, there were about another three groups and one of them happened to be Jo’s and my teammates :?

Anyway, we started and I was pretty glad I could manage to stand on the board

Edmond fell many, many, many times. And for the whole day, he only managed to stand until the first turn. He learnt much faster than me on my first try.

Edmond trying out

After a number of tries, Jo switched to being a spectator. I’m sorry sister! I hoped you weren’t bored

Jo flying

I can’t recall if Charlene managed to complete a round but she skied until her hands hurt her.

Charlene looking good

The first time Moses tried, he flew off like superman, had a leg cramp and nearly drowned. I bet he learned his lesson and definitely got better than me

Moses on the board

Allan could complete a few rounds after half a day. In a way, he’s better than me but his posture was so funny I had to laugh at him

Allan getting the hang of it

Jianling was like, the best by far :? He made the whole thing look so effortless and easy. And he never even tried the kneeling board at all! Rahhs!

Jianling starting out...

... and looking like a pro D:

Me? Well, I managed to switch my feet around. But I fell many times. And I still couldn’t complete a round. My face looked like it was “bleeding” half the time since my hair dye kept coming off And I only found out that I lost my navel stud when I was soaping myself :mrgreen:

Posing for the camera!

Charlene and I tried the kneeling board together as she wanted to stand on it. It was pretty fun when Allan and I tried it, too

Getting ready

On the waters

Standing up

She's standing!

Anyway, my body is aching like hell and my neck’s so stiff and painful, my arms are aching too much to reach the back of my neck to massage it :?

A random picture we took at MoS after work on Saturday!

Zen, me and Charlene


  1. Haha, that is awesome! I love the colour of your hair (bright red wins at life) and it bleeding makes me giggle. XP

  2. Looks pretty awesome Looks a bit above my skill level, I’d probably find some way of slamming into an object that isn’t even there…

  3. whoa! i so admire people who have the guts to try out water sports! my boyfriend is so into wakeboarding / cable skiing and he’s always encouraged me to try it out but i’m A-FEAR-ED.

  4. Wow, looks like you had a good time! Haha sounds like the perfect activity to get some awkward and ridiculous poses of friends

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